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Auction DatePrice Realized
The Coin Cabinet Ltd. - Auction 19, Lot 4
GREAT BRITAIN. Elizabeth II, 1952-. 50 Pence, 2019. The Royal Mint. Proof. Wallace and Gromit. Fifth crowned portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II facing right, wearing the George IV State Diadem; ELIZABETH II·D·G·REG·F·D·50 PENCE·2018. Design by Jody Clark / Facing image of Wallace and Gromit looking out of the spaceship window; 'CASEUS PRAESTANS' above, 'WALLACE · GROMIT' below. Edge plain. In secure plastic holder, graded by NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo, certification number 5841041-014. Diameter: 2...
28 Jun 20201,050 GBP
Schulman b.v. - Auction 363, Lot 974
Russia - 1 Para or 3 Denga 1771 S, Copper, CATHERINE II The Great 1762–1796, COINAGE FOR MOLDAVIA AND WALLACHIA Pattern in copper. Crowned monogram. Rev. imperial eagle.KM. Pn1; Brekke 3.R Very fine Estimate: 200 EUR...
13 Jun 2020460 EUR
Schulman b.v. - Auction 363, Lot 1012
Transylvania - Dinar n.d, Silver, MIRCEA cel Bătrân 1386–1394 and 1397–1418 Type I. Mircea standing facing holding spear and globe. Rev. helmeted crest, eagle sitting on helmet.MBR 196-7.Mircea the Elder was a Voivod of Wallachia in the late 14th and early 15th century. His son Vlad II Dracul was the father of the infamous Vlad III Țepeș, who was the inspiration for Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'.0.38 g. Fine + Estimate: 90 EUR...
13 Jun 202090 EUR
Schulman b.v. - Auction 363, Lot 1172
LOTS - Lot Russia (3) Consisting of a 3 Para 1773, 3 Para 1733 and 1 Para 1772 struck during the Russian occupation of Moldovia and Wallachia.Various qualities Estimate: 50 EUR...
13 Jun 2020150 EUR
Stephen Album Rare Coins - Auction 37, Lot 2775
BARODA: Sivaji Rao III, 1875-1938, AR ½ rupee (5.70g), VS1948, KM-35a, VF to EF, R, ex Holland Wallace Collection. Estimate: 100-120 USD Starting Price: 80 USD...
11 Jun 202080 USD
London Coins Ltd. - Auction 169, Lot 435
Fifty Pence 2019 Wallace & Gromit 30th Anniversary S.H69 Gold Proof FDC in the Royal Mint box of issue with certificate and booklet. Certificate number 555 of 640 issued, 630 in this presentation format, only the second example we have offered Estimate: 850-950 GBP Starting Price: 850 GBP...
6 Jun 2020Unsold 
Spink - Auction 20132, Lot 1197
OPERATION CABALLO BAY - The Great Manila Bay Silver Operation at the Corregidor Crater. Philippines, USA Administration, "Murphy-Quezon" Peso, 1936 M, Manila, 17.13g (KM 178; Basso 141; Allen 19.00), only 10,000 examples struck, this example sea-salvage, and only fine thus, but with traces of where another coin rested against in on the sea bed. A truly fascinating relic from the evacuation of the Philippine National Treasury during WW2. Provenance Recovered from the Corregidor Crater, between ...
2 Jun 202030 GBP
Dix Noonan Webb Ltd - Auction 176, Lot 187
British Tokens from Various Properties 18th Century Tokens, AYRSHIRE, Ayr, William Fullarton, Milton's Halfpenny, 1797, bust of William Wallace left, rev. Scotia seated left, edge plain, struck out of collar, 11.28g/12h (Dykes, BNJ 2002, p.150, fig. 1; DH 3a). Good extremely fine, attractively patinated £90-£120 --- Provenance: 'Norwich' Collection, DNW Auction 62, 30 June 2004, lot 1320 [from Krah August 1982]; M. Paterson Collection, DNW Auction T17, 3 October 2019, lot 728...
26 May 2020190 GBP
Classical Numismatic Group - Auction 114, Lot 1147
WALLACHIA. Vlad II Dracul (the Dragon). 1436-1442 and 1443-1446. AR Ban (12mm, 0.37 g, 4h). Type Ib. Târgovişte mint. Struck circa 1445-1446. Eagle standing right, head left; cross above / Dragon advancing right, with wings spread. Cf. MBR 255. Fine. Following the death of Mircea the Elder in 1418, control of Wallachia fell to Mircea's nephew, Mihail I, a member of the Danesti branch of the Basarab family. Mircea's illegitimate son Vlad was living at the time at the court of the Holy Roman ...
13 May 20203,750 USD
Dix Noonan Webb Ltd - Auction 174, Lot 525
The Collection of British Colonial Coins formed by the late John Roberts-Lewis New Zealand, NORTH ISLAND, Auckland and Grahamstown, Samuel Coombes, Penny (G 48a; A 77); Grahamstown, George McCaul, Penny (G 180; A 359); New Plymouth, John Gilmour, Penny (G 81; A 143); Taranaki, Brown & Duthie, Penny (G 33; A 50); Wanganui, J. Hurley & Co, Penny and Halfpenny (G 135-6; A 276-7); Wellington, D. Anderson, Penny (G 7; A 9), Kirkcaldie & Stains, Penny and Halfpenny (G 154-5; A 311-12), James Wallac...
22 Apr 2020220 GBP
Davissons, Ltd. - Auction 39, Lot 297
SCOTLAND. Ayrshire 3. Copper halfpenny. 11.7 gm. 28.5 mm. William Fullarton, Milton's halfpenny. 1797. Armored bust of William Wallace left; GULIELMUS VALLAS around / A female figure seated left holding a wreath in her outstretched right hand, her left hand resting on a shield; SCOTIA REDIVIVA around above, 17 - TC monogram - 97 in exergue. Uncirculated; bronzed, prooflike; touch of die rust in obverse field and two light scratches on obverse. The Mike Sussman Collection of British Trade To...
1 Apr 2020240 USD
Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd - Auction 123, Lot 661
ROYAL VISIT, Brisbane 27 July 1920, official guest badge in silver and gold (15ct; tot wt 4.65g; 30x21mm), by W.B (Wallace Bishop), pin-back with safety chain, this mostly missing, reverse inscribed, 'Mrs J.W.Hetherington'. Extremely fine. Mrs Hetherington was the wife of T.E.Hetherington, an alderman of Brisbane City Council. The Royal Visit function in Brisbane for H.R.H. The Prince of Wales was held at Albert Square. Estimate: 500 AUD...
31 Mar 2020400 AUD
Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd - Auction 123, Lot 2440
SCOTLAND, Cambuslang, Blantyre, and Rutherglen Agricultural Society, 1862, in silver (50mm), by M&A (Muirhead & Arthur), hallmarked for Glasgow 1861, plain disc with elaborate frame surround with scroll and loop suspension, obverse inscribed, 'Presented/By/John Clark Forrest,/Dechmont/President Of The/Cambuslang, Blantyre,/and Rutherglen/Agricultural Society/Season 1862', reverse inscribed, 'To/The Exhibitor Of/the best animal of the cow kind/age considered/Won By/Andrew Wallace./West Burn.' A...
31 Mar 2020250 AUD
Classical Numismatic Group - Electronic Auction 464, Lot 283
WALLACHIA. Vladislav I (Vlaicu). 1364-1377. AR Ducaţ (17mm, 0.93 g, 9h). Type III. + mADI(retrograde S)LA WAIWODЄ (sic), coat-of-arms / + TRAnSA LPInI, mantled helmet left surmounted by eagle, head right, with wings folded. Grierson, Coins of Medieval Europe 389; MBR 9-13. Toned. VF. From the Richard A. Jourdan Collection of Medieval European Coins. Estimate: 200 USD...
25 Mar 2020275 USD
Jean Elsen & ses Fils S.A. - Auction 144, Lot 1453
RUSSIE, lot de 3 p.: Moldavie et Wallachie, Catherine II, para/3 dengi 1772, 2 para/3 kopecks 1773; Géorgie, Alexandre Ier, 2 abazi 1807. Beau Fine Estimate: 100 EUR...
14 Mar 2020170 EUR
Classical Numismatic Group - Electronic Auction 463, Lot 571
WALLACHIA. temp. Vlad II Dracul (the Dragon). 1436-1442 and 1443-1446. AE Repoussé Heraldic Badge (25x25mm, 1.29 g, 12h). Ornate heraldic dragon right within square border of rope design. Cf. MBR 255 (Æ; for rev.). Traces of find patina, surface crack, flan crack, right side missing. Good VF. Originally holed at each corner for attaching to garment. Extremely rare. Estimate: 200 USD...
11 Mar 2020275 USD
Katz Coins Notes & Supplies Europe s.r.o. - E-Auction 29, Lot 2613
Russia - Moldova & Wallachia 2 Para 3 Kopeks 1773 Bit# 1249; Copper 17.74g Starting Price: 5 EUR...
21 Feb 202042 EUR
Cayón Numismática - Online Auction 54, Lot 6282
MOLDAVIA y WALLAQUIA. 2 para=3 kopeks. 1772. K3 (30$). BC Estimate: 5 EUR...
20 Dec 201830 EUR
G. Haljak Coin Auction - Auction 28, Lot 542
Ag badge Eestimaa kubermang / "WALLA KOHTO KOERWAMEES" Alexander II (1855-81) 1866 22,22 g. Ca 39 mm VF Estimate: 400 EUR...
21 Oct 2018Unsold 
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G. Haljak Coin Auction - Auction 27, Lot 491
Ag badge Estonian province / "WALLATALLITAJA ABIMEES" Alexander II (1855-81) St. Petersburg 1866 22,68 g. Ca 38 mm EF Estimate: 200 EUR...
18 Mar 2018720 EUR
Your search for 'Walla' matched 20 lots from auctions added in the last six months.
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