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Classical Numismatic Group > Triton VAuction date: 16 January 2002
Lot number: 2471

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Matthew Boulton's New Machinery for Striking Coins.

Estimate $300 Sold For $380

Matthew Boulton's New Machinery for Striking Coins.1798 (circa 1803). Æ 43mm Medal (38.61 gm). By Dumarest. MATT BOULTON ESQr F S R Ln & ED P R I M S A, bust of Matthew Boulton right / (400) M BOULTON ERIGEA A SOHO ANGL 1788 UNE MACH A VAPEUR PR FRAP MONN, additional inscription in five concentric circles arranged around head within rays. Brown 462; Eimer 901A. EF with prooflike surfaces. ($300)
This medal commemorates Boulton's invention of a steam powered coining machine. It is believed to have been struck at the Soho manufactory around 1803, and was intended for the French market to preclude the French from taking credit for his invention.