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SINCONA AG > Auction 31Auction date: 24 October 2016
Lot number: 334

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Lot of 6 medals: Exposition Française, late 19th century, superbe grades

a. Exposition Française, Tunis, 1888, Ae (gilt), Fdc, w/eyelet, 57mm, 74.04g,
b. Exposition Française, Tunis, 1889, Ae (gilt), xf+, 64mm, 95.72g
c. Exposition Française, Tunis, 1889, Ae (silvered), xf, same as above, 63mm, 96.42g
d. Exposition Commerciale & Industrielle, Tunis, nd (ca.1890), Ae, Graveur: P. De Greef (Bruxelles), unc, 61mm, 106.27g
e. Same as above, nd, Ae (gilt), uniface (obv), unc, 60mm, 57.07g
f. Exposition Industrielle et Commerciale, Tunis, nd, Ae (cast?), empty cartouche, Graveur: A. Bertrand, -xf, 67mm, 144.22g
Apparently, very little research has been done concerning medals issued during the French chapter of Tunisian history. The commentaries below are few and far between – mainly based on educated guesses.

Starting Price: 250 CHF