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Lot number: 403

Price realized: 7,000 DKK   (Approx. 1,005 USD / 939 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Historical medals
World Medals
Italy, The Master IO F F, (Johannes Fondulini Fondulus or Giovanni Francesco Furnio), c. 1500, The Judgement of Paris, early gilt bronze plaquette, inserted in the four-lobed pommel of a sword hilt, Molinier 134, Bange 652, Kress 98, Ashmolean 278ff, 78 mm, 146.25 g.

The charming motive shows Prince Paris presenting the Apple to Venus, the Goddess of love, behind whom stand Juno and Athena.

Giovanni Paolo Fonduli was active in Padua from 1468-1484. His best known work (also partially gilded) is the "Seated Nymph" in the Wallace collection.

Although the artist behind this medal has traditionnaly been identified as Fonduli, the unusual fact that a number of plaquettes by this particular master were used as sword fittings, has led scholars to suggest that IO.F.F. should instead be identified as the goldsmith Giovanni Francesco Furnio, who worked in an arms-producing centre in Bologna (cf. Wallace collection Inv. S309).

Starting price: 7000 DKK