Bertolami Fine Arts - ACR Auctions > Auction 274Auction date: 31 October 2023
Lot number: 47

Price realized: Unsold
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Lot description:

Giovanni Beltrami (copia da) GIOVANNI BELTRAMI (COPIA DA) ENNIO QUIRINO VISCONTI Copper, electroplated, 105.1 mm, 70 g

D\ ENNIO QUIRINO VISCONTIBust of Visconti facing right, with decoration on the chest, outline with double moldingR\ negative imprint
Bibl . Turricchia A. 2003, < The Kingdom of Lombardy-Veneto through medals> Vol. III pp. 368, n. B37.Electroplated casting after a lead models made by Beltrami.

Starting price: 50 EUR