SINCONA AG > Auction 84Auction date: 23 October 2023
Lot number: 115

Price realized: 3,500 CHF   (Approx. 3,920 USD / 3,688 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Silver medal 1770. On the Victory at Kagul/Moldavia against the Turks. Award medal. Dies by T. Ivanov. Crowned and mantled bust to right. Rv. 4-line inscription. 38.1 mm. 23.22 g. Diakov 148.1 (R3). Very rare. Very fine.
(~€ 3'125/USD 3'370)

From auction SINCONA 2, Zurich, October 2011, lot 309.

On July 16, 1770, a small army of 17,000 Russian troops under Pjotr Rumjanzev defeated the Ottoman Army of 150,000 men under the command of the Grand Wesir outside of the town of Kagul in Moldavia. A remarkable feat that fetched Rumjanzev the rank of field marshal and an estate with 5000 serfs. Regretfully, it also brought him the envy of his fellow generals who tried to block his future career whenever possible.

Frederick the Great of Prussia sent Rumjanzev a letter with his congratulations. He compared the victory of the small Russian army over the far, far greater Turkish army with the victories of the ancient Romans.

Starting price: 3000 CHF