Stephen Album Rare Coins > Auction 47Auction date: 14 September 2023
Lot number: 603

Price realized: 1,000 USD   (Approx. 938 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

YUAN: Da Chao, ca. 1220-1271, AR cash (2.91g), H-19.1, Obverse type 2B, two countermarks on the reverse: left and bottom (both imprinted into the mold and unreadable), casting error crack, Good to VG, ex Shèngbidébao Collection. Da Chao, meaning "Great Dynasty", was the Chinese name the Mongols used for themselves. According to Hartill, "This coin is alleged to have been cast by the legendary Genghis Khan at his capital at Karakorum." This would place the date about 50-60 years prior to the formal foundation of the Yuan dynasty in 1271. A more likely attribution by Belyaev & Sidorovich (2017) puts this series between 1251 and 1262 during the reign of Möngke Khan and the early years of Kublai Khan.

Estimate: 200-300 USD