Roma Numismatics Ltd. > Islamic, Medieval and World Sale 3Auction date: 17 March 2023
Lot number: 37

Price realized: Unsold
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Lot description:

Artuqids of Mardin, Najm al-din Alpi Æ Dirham. Uncertain mint, AH 547-572 = AD 1152-1176. Two diademed and draped Seleukid-style male busts facing each other; laqabs of Najm al-Din Alpi above and below, pellet between / Byzantine emperor standing facing on left, being crowned by the Theotokos standing facing on right; genealogy of Najm al-Din Alpi around. Spengler & Sayles type 28; Wilkes 1201; Album 1827; Artuk 1219; Edhem 32; Whelan type II, 40. 12.76g, 32mm, 6h.

Near Extremely Fine.

From a private Australian collection.

Estimate: 125 GBP