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Lot number: 754

Price realized: 80 USD   (Approx. 75 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Artuqids of Mardin. Qutb al-Din Il-Ghazi II. AH 572-580 / AD 1176-1184. Æ Dirham (33mm, 18.22 g, 3h). Unlisted (Mardin[?]) mint. Dated AH 579 (AD 1183/4). Two Byzantine-style diademed and draped facing busts, resembling the coins of Heraclius and his son; AH date in margin / Name of Abbasid caliph, partial mint formula and name and pedigree of Qutb al-Din Il-Ghazi II in five lines across field and in margins. Whelan Type I, 46-7; S&S Type 32.3; Album 1828.2. Earthen dark brown patina. VF.

From the MWF Collection. Ex Classical Numismatic Group XXIX (30 March 1994), lot 1533.

Estimate: 100 USD