Agora Auctions > Numismatic Auction 108Auction date: 27 December 2022
Lot number: 281

Price realized: Unsold
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Lot description:

Artuqids of Mardin. Husam al-Din Yuluq Arslan. 580-597/1184-1200. AE dirham (29.2 mm, 13.42 g, 7 h). 'Death of Saladin'. Dated A.H. 589. Lamentation scene depicting three standing figures around central female figure seated left, head lowered / Citing the Abbasid caliph, and Ayyubid overlord, Saif al-Din Abu Bakr. Whelan type III, 54-6; Spengler & Sayles 35.2; Album 1829.3. aVF, rough.

Estimate: 100 USD