Stephen Album Rare Coins > Auction 45Auction date: 26 January 2023
Lot number: 2067

Price realized: 325 USD   (Approx. 299 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

ARTUQIDS OF AMID & KAYFA: Fakhr al-Din Qara Arslan, 1144-1174, AE dirham (7.73g), NM, ND, A-1820.2C, SS-2.4, enthroned bust of Christ facing, holding the book of Gospels in his left arm; engraved symbol of two dragons within a circle (formerly the countermark of type A-1820.2B), and the Arabic numerals 1 through 9 scattered left & right of His head // royal legend; obverse slghtly double-struck at the top, lovely reverse, VF to EF, R.

Estimate: 150-200 USD