VAuctions > Pars Coins Sale 33Auction date: 19 December 2022
Lot number: 381

Price realized: Unsold
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Lot description:

ARTUQID of MARDIN, Qutb al din II, Ghazi II. 1183/4 AD (579 AH). Æ Dirhem (17.32 gm; 35 mm). Two Byzantine style busts, draped and wearing headwear, the larger bust with dishevelled hair, the smaller bust with a close-fitting hat; above, date in Kufic. Rev. In inner field, 'al-Nasir lil-din / Amir al-Mu'minin / Hadha al-Dirham / (v-in-V) mal'un man / yu\ayyiruhu'; 'Husam al-Din / Najm al-Din ibn / Qutb al-Din ibn'; all in Kufic. Spengler & Sayles 32.3. Nice brown patina. Choice EF.

Estimate: 400 USD

Starting price: 240 USD