Tauler & Fau > Auction 118Auction date: 22 November 2022
Lot number: 182

Price realized: 320 EUR   (Approx. 329 USD)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Philip III (1598-1621). 8 reales. 1609. Mexico. A. (Cal-891). (Km-44.3). Ag. 26,99 g. King´s ordinal III visible. Last digit of the date visible. Rare. VF. Est...350,00.

Spanish description: Felipe III (1598-1621). 8 reales. 1609. México. A. (Cal-891). (Km-44.3). Ag. 26,99 g. Visible el ordinal del rey y el último dígito de la fecha. Rara. MBC. Est...350,00.