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Chinese Comforts Fund, five pounds donation badge in sterling silver and enamel (22.5x205mm), by Amor, Sydney, pin-back, bottom obverse legend in Mandarin Chinese translates as, 'The war of resistance will be won and the founding of a nation will be achieved', on the reverse in relief is the amount of the donation, namely, '£5'. Very fine and very scarce.

The donation amount for this badge was quite high considering that the average weekly wage in 1944 was a little over £6 per week.

The following article was published in Barrier Daily Truth (Broken Hill, NSW) on Saturday 2 September 1944, page 3.


(To the Editor)

On the 7th July, 1944, China bravely marched into her eighth year of war of resistance against the Japanese invaders. For seven long years, China has suffered untold agonies never before experienced in her 5,000 years' history. For the last two and a half years she has been blockaded by sea and land and has had to fight with flesh and blood against fire and steel. Though terribly wounded physically, spiritually China has remained undaunted. Now, as victory is drawing nearer, the task of the final destruction of the enemy the greater part of whose armies is on China's soil, will mean that China's burden will become even heavier.

In compliance with an instruction from Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek that branches of the Chinese Comforts Fund be established in overseas countries, and with a desire to play their part to hasten victory, the Australian Division of the Chinese Comforts Fund was formed recently by the Chinese citizens, to work for the provision of comforts for the Chinese and Allied Fighting Forces operating in the Chinese theatre of war. In response to suggestions by a number of Australian friends, our Executive Committee is now extending the appeal to the Australian public.

It is fully realised that you are answering many similar requests, but China's cause and the efforts which her soldiers have made during their long resistance against a ruthless enemy are such that they will undoubtedly appeal to your generosity. Any assistance which you can render will be gratefully acknowledged. For Income Tax purposes, donations to this fund are allowable deductions for Companies and rebateable allowances for individuals.

I am sure that your readers will realise very clearly what the soldiers of China are doing in defence of Justice and freedom. - Yours, etc.

T. Y. LIN, President, Chinese Comforts Fund . (Australian Division), Box 4016, G.P.O., Sydney.

Estimate: 130 AUD

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Lot number: 458

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Coastal Eight Hours Celebration Committee, (Western Australia), badge in voided silver and blue enamel (oval 38x30.5mm) (Not recorded in Emblems of Unity by Greg Smith), maker's impressed naming but difficult to read, pin-back. Extremely fine and rare.

The following report was published in the Westralian Worker (Perth, WA) on Friday 4 August 1911, page 7.

Coastal Labor Celebration.

Inaugural Meeting of Eight Hours Day Committee.

The inaugural meeting of the Coastal Eight Hours' Day Celebration Committee was held at the Trades Hall, Perth, on Saturday, July 20. The convener of the meeting, the secretary of the Metropolitan Council A.L.F., asked for nominations for chairman. Mr. W. Roche was unanimously appointed chairman for the meeting.

Delegates were present representing the following organisations: - West Guildford Superphosphate Workers, Mount Lyell Superphosphate Workers, Metropolitan Plasterers' Union, Fremantle Lumpers, Perth Tailors and Tailoresses, Operative Bootmakers, Iron Workers' Assistants, Tanners and Curriers, Timber Merchants, Fremantle A.S.E., Breadcarters, Bricklayers, Painters' Union, Midland Branch Amalgamated Railways, Fremantle Shop Assistants, Perth Shop Assistants, Dairymen's Employees, Typographical Union, Hodcarriers, Tally Clerks, Bookbinders, Carpenters, Brewery Employees, Saddlers, North Perth A.L.F., Balcatta A.L.F. (Women's), East Perth A.L.F., Perth A.S.E., Midland A.S.E., Coachbuilders, Australian Engineers, Moulders, Butchers, Fremantle Amalgamated Railways.

Apologies were tendered for Mr. D. Cameron and W. Counsel.


The following resolutions were adopted:-

That each organisation be allowed three delegates.

That the demonstration be held this year as usual on Eight Hours' Day.

That the sports be held at Claremont, provided the grounds can be obtained on suitable terms.

That the procession be held in Perth.

That the officers be appointed that night.

That the following officers be elected:-President, Mr. W. Roach; vice presidents, Messrs Mooney and Fabre; secretary, Mr. A. McCallum, at a salary of �30; treasurer, Mr. Burdett, at a salary of �5; management committee, Messrs. Graham, Croll, Kerr, Delahunty, Haynes, Chiles and Bromley; sports committee, Messrs. Croll, Crowley, Pericles, Stevens, Panton, Davis and Spruce; children's committee, Messrs. Hugo, Lowe, McGann, Richardson, Ellard, Moffatt, Graham, Mesdames Martin, Lewis, and Weir; dance committee, Messrs. Auld, McGregor and Star.

That the secretary write to the show ground authorities for the terms on which the ground can be obtained.

That next meeting be held in a fort-night at the Trades Hall, Fremantle.

Estimate: 360 AUD

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PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO | UNITED KINGDOM. Elizabeth II, 1952-.
Gold 1/4 sovereign, 2017. Royal Mint. Proof.
Commemorating the 200 year anniversary of the modern sovereign 1817-2017, featuring the original design of St. George and the Dragon as made by Pistrucci.
Fifth crowned head of Elizabeth II facing right; JC below; ELIZABETH II · DEI · GRA · REG · FID · DEF · 2017 ·. Design by Jody Clark. / The reverse depicts an illustration of the legend of St George as the slayer of the dragon, in its original 1817 interpretation. St George is on horseback, advancing to right, wearing a helmet and chlamys (cape, or cloak) fastened in front by a fibula, and holding a broken lance. His left hand clutches the rein of the horse's bridle, and he does not wear armour, other than on his lower legs and feet, with his toes bare. The saint's horse appears to be half attacking, half shrinking from the dragon, which lies wounded by George's spear and in the throes of death. The point of the lance is broken off in the dragon's side. In relief in the left part of the ground line, the artist's initials B.P. (for Benedetto Pistrucci). Surrounding the image, a Garter circlet inscribed with the Order of the Garter's motto, HONI · SOIT · QUI · MAL · Y · PENSE · (from old French: Shame on he who thinks evil). Design by Benedetto Pistrucci. Edge milled.
In secure plastic holder, graded NGC PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO, certification number 2126801-007.

NGC Census in this grade: 450, equal-finest graded.
Total NGC Census: 499
Reference: S-SA5
Mintage: 4,188.
Diameter: 13.5 mm.
Weight: 2 g. (AGW=0.0590 oz.)
Composition: 917.0/1000 Gold.

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Lot number: 484

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Lot description:

Victorian Police Gold Valour Badge, undated (1916), in 9ct gold and enamel by Bridgland & King, with 9ct gold and enamel suspension brooch bar, reverse of medal inscribed, 'Const Downes/5860'. Good very fine and rare.

Ex Noble Numismatics Sale 122 (lot 589).

Only 22 gold badges awarded.

The above badge was issued at the first public presentation of gold valour badges which had been instituted in 1916. The presentation was made to 17 police officers by the Chief Secretary, Mr McLeod MLA at Russell Street Barracks on 26 September 1916 with about 250 Constables on parade and in attendance was the Chief Commissioner, Mr A.G.Sainsbury and leading officers of the police force.

When presenting the gold badges Mr McLeod said they were a reward for valour. He said men at the front were receiving VCs for deeds not more worthy, perhaps, than some that were performed by the police, and the Government in adopting the innovation felt that a suitable medal should be given to members of the force when exceptional determination, valour, or devotion to duty was exhibited. He eulogised the marked bravery of several constables who had recently faced desperate armed criminals and succeeded in arresting them.

Constable W.Downes along with Constables F.Bresnan and J.Walsh were each recommended for gold badges for displaying great courage and determination when they arrested John Lane, George Rankin and Ernest Watson on 6 May after an exciting chase in the city of Melbourne. The recommendation was made by Inspecting Superintendent L.Gleeson. The constables saw the three men behaving suspiciously in Flinders Lane and followed them. John Lane fired a revolver but nobody was injured. The chase then became exciting with civilians joining in including one soldier who had been wounded at the Gallipoli landing. The three men were captured and then recognised as desperate young criminals who were suspected of having broken into many shops in Melbourne on Saturday afternoons.

John Lane was charged with having shot with intent to murder, with having a housebreaking implement in his possession, and with warehouse breaking. On the charge of having shot at Constable Downes with intent to murder Lane was committed for trial at the Supreme Court. At the trial Constable W.Downes gave evidence regarding the pursuit and capture of Lane. In addition to the revolver, he said a jemmy was also taken from Lane's pocket when he was arrested.

Of the three criminals, Lane was sentenced to five years' imprisonment for having fired at Downes with intent, and Rankin and Watson each received two years' imprisonment for having loitered with intent to commit a felony.

See also lot E3460 for award to Constable F.Bresnan for same incident.

Estimate: 4950 AUD

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Lot description:

Tibet in China (c.1931-37), Medallion, 11.35g, produced with cloisonné technique for the 9th Panchen Lama during his exile in China, legends in Chinese and Tibetan within three concentric circles: in centre, Chinese character for 'Buddha', Tibetan legend refers to a disciple initiated by the Panchen Erdeni but is not exactly the same as that found on the previous lot, the Chinese inscription is read clockwise and translates as: ""Great Master of Infinite Wisdom, Defender of the Nation and Propagator of the Doctrine, Panchen Erdeni [i.e. Panchen Lama], Disciple Initiation Certificate [tag]", rev. flaming sword with floral decorations and ribbands within circle of Tibetan script believed to be a transliteration of a Sanskrit text, PCGS XF40, #45306117, very rare.

Estimate: 16000 - 24000

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Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd > Auction 130Auction date: 26 July 2022
Lot number: 2769

Price realized: 4,600 AUD   (Approx. 3,201 USD / 3,159 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
Lot description:

1935 Silver Jubilee Crown, George V, 1910-1936. Proof 5 Shillings (Crown), S-4050, ESC- 3655, L&S-46 and Davies-1651. (R) The coin's borders have denticles on both sides. The reverse die axis struck en Medaille. Lettered edge in relief (raised) DECUS ET TUTAMEN ANNO REGNI XXV. With the official red cardboard box of issue, the lid has a printed imperial crown, and the interior is a blue card with a roundel lined with white felt. The Mint struck the United Kindom's first commemorative crown specifically to mark King G.V.'s silver jubilee. In addition to sizeable regular issue, 2,500 were struck in sterling silver (this coin) and issued at a half-crown premium in the red cardboard box. Metcalfe's striking "rocking horse" art deco St George and the dragon design was controversial to the public accustomed to seeing Pistrucci's classical rendering. This coin is encapsulated by PCGS as PR 66 cameo. Obverse: by Sir B. McKennal (initials on truncation) Effigy of G.V facing left. The legend reads GEORGIVS V. DG. BRITT: OMN: REX. FD. IND: IMP: Reverse: by P. Metcalfe (initials under dragons tail) St George and the dragon. Legend above the design reads CROWN 1935 split by St Georges sword. Case extremely fine, coin brilliant FDC and rare.

Estimate: 1800 AUD