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Lot number: 458

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Lot description:

Coastal Eight Hours Celebration Committee, (Western Australia), badge in voided silver and blue enamel (oval 38x30.5mm) (Not recorded in Emblems of Unity by Greg Smith), maker's impressed naming but difficult to read, pin-back. Extremely fine and rare.

The following report was published in the Westralian Worker (Perth, WA) on Friday 4 August 1911, page 7.

Coastal Labor Celebration.

Inaugural Meeting of Eight Hours Day Committee.

The inaugural meeting of the Coastal Eight Hours' Day Celebration Committee was held at the Trades Hall, Perth, on Saturday, July 20. The convener of the meeting, the secretary of the Metropolitan Council A.L.F., asked for nominations for chairman. Mr. W. Roche was unanimously appointed chairman for the meeting.

Delegates were present representing the following organisations: - West Guildford Superphosphate Workers, Mount Lyell Superphosphate Workers, Metropolitan Plasterers' Union, Fremantle Lumpers, Perth Tailors and Tailoresses, Operative Bootmakers, Iron Workers' Assistants, Tanners and Curriers, Timber Merchants, Fremantle A.S.E., Breadcarters, Bricklayers, Painters' Union, Midland Branch Amalgamated Railways, Fremantle Shop Assistants, Perth Shop Assistants, Dairymen's Employees, Typographical Union, Hodcarriers, Tally Clerks, Bookbinders, Carpenters, Brewery Employees, Saddlers, North Perth A.L.F., Balcatta A.L.F. (Women's), East Perth A.L.F., Perth A.S.E., Midland A.S.E., Coachbuilders, Australian Engineers, Moulders, Butchers, Fremantle Amalgamated Railways.

Apologies were tendered for Mr. D. Cameron and W. Counsel.


The following resolutions were adopted:-

That each organisation be allowed three delegates.

That the demonstration be held this year as usual on Eight Hours' Day.

That the sports be held at Claremont, provided the grounds can be obtained on suitable terms.

That the procession be held in Perth.

That the officers be appointed that night.

That the following officers be elected:-President, Mr. W. Roach; vice presidents, Messrs Mooney and Fabre; secretary, Mr. A. McCallum, at a salary of �30; treasurer, Mr. Burdett, at a salary of �5; management committee, Messrs. Graham, Croll, Kerr, Delahunty, Haynes, Chiles and Bromley; sports committee, Messrs. Croll, Crowley, Pericles, Stevens, Panton, Davis and Spruce; children's committee, Messrs. Hugo, Lowe, McGann, Richardson, Ellard, Moffatt, Graham, Mesdames Martin, Lewis, and Weir; dance committee, Messrs. Auld, McGregor and Star.

That the secretary write to the show ground authorities for the terms on which the ground can be obtained.

That next meeting be held in a fort-night at the Trades Hall, Fremantle.

Estimate: 360 AUD