Classical Numismatic Group > Keystone Auction 8Auction date: 23 August 2022
Lot number: 193

Price realized: 600 USD   (Approx. 602 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

CANADA, 'Vexator Canadiensis'. CU Token (26mm, 4.82 g, 9h). Dated 1811, though struck early 1830s. VEИATOR CAИΛDIИSIS, crude bust left / RENUNILLOS VISCAPE, crude female figure seated left (Britannia?); 1811 below. Haxby dies –/A (unlisted obv. die); Charlton VC-2A1; Breton 558; cf. Doug Robins Collection (Heritage 3064, 20 April 2018), lot 29337 (same dies; sold for $1560). Once cleaned, scratch. Near VF. Rare.

From the RH Collection.

The enigmatic 'Vexator Canadiensis' series is arguably the most intriguing issue in the entire series of Canadian tokens. The obverse legend, usually interpreted as VEXATOR CANADIENSIS or some corruption thereof, can be translated as, "The Tormentor of Canada." In this interpretation, the obverse is taken to represent either King William IV or Sir James Craig, the Governor-General of Canada form 1807 to 1811. The reverse legend is read as NON ILLOS VIS CAPERE, "Don't you wish to catch them?," and can refer either to the illicit coiners themselves, or to the Canadian fur trades.

Numismatist Wayne Jacobs suggests another interpretation, that these coppers were not intended for circulation, but rather as entrance badges for the rebel group, Frères chasseurs, "The Brotherhood of Hunters," an organization active in the Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837-1838.

Estimate: 750 USD