Sovereign Rarities Ltd > Auction 6Auction date: 28 June 2022
Lot number: 327

Price realized: Unsold
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Lot description:

Miscellaneous World Coins (2), Netherlands, William II (1840-1849), silver 2 ½ Gulden, 1846, bare head left dividing inscription WILLEM II KONING DER NED. G. H. V. L., initials VDK for designer David van der Kellen Jr., rev. crowned coat of arms dividing denomination 2½ G, Dutch legend reads MUNT VAN HET KONINGRYK DER NEDERLANDEN, date above centre, mintmarks below (KM 69); also France, Louis XVIII (1814-1824), silver 5 Francs, 1823, Rouen Mint, bust of Louis XVIII facing left, mintmark, and designer's name MICHAUT F. for Auguste-Francois Michaut below, French inscription reads LOUIS XVIII ROI DE FRANCE surrounding, rev. crowned coat of arms centre dividing denomination, all surrounded by laurel wreath, date and mint mark below, (F 309; Gad 614; KM 711). Both polished, about good fine.

Calendar Year Mintage 3,629,712 (Gulden), 393,112 (Francs).

The Dutch inscription on the 2½ Gulden obverse translates as "William the Second King of the Netherlands, Grand Duke of Luxembourg", and on the reverse as "Coin of the Kingdom of the Netherlands". The French inscription on the 5 Francs obverse translates as "Louis the Eighteenth, King of the French".

Starting price: 48 GBP