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Lot number: 3459

Price realized: 360 CHF   (Approx. 368 USD / 365 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

ISLAMIC, Anatolia & al-Jazira (Post-Seljuk). Artuqids (Kayfa & Amid). Nasir al-Din Mahmud, AH 597-619 / AD 1200-1222. Dirham (Bronze, 25 mm, 8.25 g, 11 h), citing Nasir al-Din Mahmud and the Ayyubid overlord al-Kamil I Muhammad (AH 615-635 / AD 1218-1238), Amid, AH 617 = AD 1220/1. Two-headed eagle with spread and stylized wings enclosed within a circle formed by two ovals; in the four inner arcs, 'al-Malik al-Salih Nasir al-Din'; in outer margin, 'Mahmud ibn Muhammad ibn Qara Arslan ibn Artuq'; (all in Kufic). Rev. Hexagram within a solid circle; in inner field, al-Malik / al-Kamil; in the triangles of the hexagram, 'Duriba bi-Amid sanah sab ashara sittami;a; in the outer margin, 'al-Imam al-Nasir al-Din Mahmud'; (all in Kufic). Spengler & Sayles 18. A very attractive and unusually complete example. Good very fine.

From the Dr. David Majer Collection of Islamic coins and from an important collection of Ayyubid and post-Seljuk coins, Leu Web Auction 14, 12-13 December 2020, 1963.

This interesting type lists the male ancestors of Nasir-al Din five generations back.

Starting price: 25 CHF