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Bertolami Fine Arts - ACR Auctions - E-Auction 64, Lot 230
Sicily, Selinos, c. 450-440 BC. Cast Æ Quincunx (23mm, 12.04g, 6h). Facing head of Selinos. R/ Krater; five pellets aroudn. CNS I, 1A; HGC 2, 1230. Rare, green patina, Good Fine / VF Starting Price: 50 GBP...
13 Jan 2019Upcoming
Leu Numismatik AG - Web Auction 6, Lot 12
APULIA. Teate. Circa 225-200 BC. Quincunx (Bronze, 25 mm, 11.45 g, 1 h). Head of Athena to right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet; above, five pellets (mark of value). Rev. TIATI Owl standing right, head facing, on Ionic capital; to right, five pellets (mark of value) and crescent. HN Italy 702a. SNG Morcom 225. The obverse weakly struck, otherwise, very fine. From the Maggiore Collection, formed in the late 1970s to early 2000s. Starting Price: 50 CHF...
9 Dec 201895 CHF
Heritage World Coin Auctions - Monthly Auction 271848, Lot 36391
Ancients Anonymous issue during the reign of Romanus III Argyrus (ca. AD 1028-1034). Class B. AE follis (31mm, 16.05 gm, 6h). NGC Choice XF 4/5 - 4/5. Constantinople. +ЄΜΜΑ-ΝΟVΗΑ, bust of Christ facing, wearing nimbus cruciger with square in each limb and nothing in the quadrants, pallium and colobium, book of Gospels decorated with quincunx cradled on left arm / IS-XS (barred) / bAS-ILЄ / bAS-ILЄ, legend in three lines split by cross on base with globule at extremities and set on two steps. S...
2 Dec 2018110 USD
Classical Numismatic Group - Electronic Auction 432, Lot 219
Anonymous. 211-208 BC (or later). Æ Semis (32mm, 21.78 g, 11h). Mint in Luceria. Laureate head of Saturn right; S (mark of value) horizontally below / Prow of galley right; [S] (mark of value) above, L to right, ROM[A] below. Crawford 97/10; Sydenham 304a; Type as RBW 407. VF, dark brown surfaces, areas of flat strike, some pitting. Extremely rare. From the Andrew McCabe Collection. Extremely rare and large flan rare L mintmark semis. In my paper "The Roman Bronze Coinage struck in Apulia an...
14 Nov 2018650 USD
Bertolami Fine Arts - ACR Auctions - E-Auction 63, Lot 35
Northern Apulia, Luceria, c. 220 BC. Cast Æ Quincunx (36mm, 42.77g). Wheel with four spokes; five pellets above, L below. R/ Wheel with four spokes. Vecchi, ICC 345; HNItaly 677a. Rare, green patina, Good VF Starting Price: 360 GBP...
21 Oct 2018To Be
Bertolami Fine Arts - ACR Auctions - E-Auction 63, Lot 37
Northern Apulia, Luceria, c. 211-200 BC. Æ Quincunx (27mm, 16.75g). Helmeted head of Minerva r.; five pellets above. R/ Wheel of eight spokes. HNItaly 678; SNG ANS 699-703. About VF Starting Price: 130 GBP...
21 Oct 2018To Be
Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG - Auction 312, Lot 2041
APULIA. LUCERIA. Æ-Quincunx, 211/200 v. Chr.; 12,85 g. Athenakopf r. mit korinthischem Helm, oben fünf Wert­kugeln//Achtspeichiges Rad. Rutter, Historia Numorum 678; SNG ANS 699. Prachtexemplar. Grünbraune Patina, stellenweise Abplatzung der Patina, sonst vorzüglich + Estimate: 600 EUR...
8 Oct 2018550 EUR
Marti Hervera and Soler & Llach - Auction 1104, Lot 3
Quincunx. 210-175 a.C. FRENTANI. LARINUM. Anv.: Cabeza de Marte. Rev.: LADINOD. Jinete a galope a izquierda, sosteniendo lanza y escudo decorado con rayo; V arriba, cinco glóbulos (marca de valor) en exergo. 14,20 grs. AE. Pátina verde discontinua. (Alguna oxidación). MUY RARA. HN Italy-625; SNG ANS-131. BC+. Starting Price: 60 EUR...
18 Sep 2018Unsold 
Savoca Numismatik GmbH & Co. KG - Online Auction 25 | Silver, Lot 2
Calabria. Orra circa 210-150 BC. Quincunx Æ 17mm., 5,28g. Draped bust of Venus right, wearing laureate stephanos / ORRA, Cupid standing right, playing kithara, five pellets (mark of value) to left. nearly very fine Travaglini pl. 102, 4; HN Italy 793. Starting Price: 75 EUR...
16 Sep 2018Withdrawn 
Classical Numismatic Group - Auction 109, Lot 3
APULIA, Luceria. Circa 217-212 BC. Æ Aes Grave Quincunx (34mm, 40.41 g). Four wheel spokes on a raised disk / Four wheel spokes; ••••• (mark of value) in one quarter, L in opposite; all on a raised disk. ICC 345; HN Italy 677a. Good VF, dark green-brown patina. Estimate: 400 USD...
12 Sep 2018260 USD
Classical Numismatic Group - Electronic Auction 425, Lot 6
APULIA, Luceria. Circa 211-200 BC. Æ Quincunx (24mm, 9.92 g). Helmeted head of Athena right; five pellets (mark of value) above / Wheel with eight spokes. HN Italy 678; SNG ANS 699–703. VF, dark green-brown patina, flan flaw on obverse. From the WRG Collection. Estimate: 150 USD...
25 Jul 2018140 USD
Nihon Coin Auction - Auction 45, Lot 53
Greek Coins Apulia, Teate. Quincunx circa 225-200, Æ 16.28 g. Head of Minerva r., wearing crested Corinthian helmet; above, five pellets. Rev. TIATI Owl standing r. on bar, head facing, in exergue, five pellets. SNG ANS 745. SNG France 1422. Historia Numorum Italy 702. Wonderful light green and about extremely fine Estimate: 350 ...
10 Dec 201748,000 JPY
Nihon Coin Auction - Auction 45, Lot 1011
Greek Coinage Luceria. Reduced quincunx circa 217-212 BC, Æ 33.72 g. Wheel of four spokes. Rev. Wheel of four spokes; above, five pellets. Below, L. Thurlow-Vecchi 281. ICC 345. Historia Numorum Italy 677a. Very fine Estimate: 500 ...
10 Dec 2017Unsold - e-Monnaies October 2017, Lot 2
APULIA - LUCERIA Quincunx Type : Quincunx Date: c. 211-200 AC. Mint name / Town : Luceria, Apulie Metal : copper Diameter : 28 mm Orientation dies : 3 h. Weight : 16,35 g. Rarity : R2 Comments on the condition: Exemplaire sur un flan large bien centré des deux côtés avec les grènetis visibles. Belle tête d'Athéna. Revers inhabituel. Jolie patine marron Catalogue references : Laffaille25 (cet ex.) - GC.587 - ANS.700 - MIAMG.1070 (R) (800€) - HN. Italy678 - BMC.54 - Cop.6...
31 Oct 2017470 EUR
VAuctions - Auction 325, Lot 514
Anonymous. Ca. 217-212 B.C. Æ aes grave quincunx (34 mm, 35.05 g). Luceria. Four-spoked wheel / Four-spoked wheel with five pellets in one quarter, L in another. ICC 345; HN Italy 677a. Sandy-green patina. Good very fine. Estimate: 300 USD...
30 Jun 2017440 USD
Münzzentrum Rheinland - Auction 179, Lot 255
RÖMER RÖMISCHE REPUBLIK : Aes grave APULIEN. Luceria. AE-Quincunx (um 220 v.Chr.) 30,93g. Kreuz / Kreuz. Thurlow/Vecchi 281, Häb. 71. grüne Patina, s-ss Estimate: 300 EUR...
11 Jan 2017Unsold 
Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG - eLive Auction 40, Lot 7057
GRIECHISCHE MÜNZEN APULIA VENUSIA. Æ-Quincunx, 210/200 v. Chr.; 15,48 g. Kopf des Jupiter l., dahinter fünf Wertkugeln//Adler steht l. auf Blitz, davor Monogramm. Rutter, Historia Numorum 720; SNG ANS 759. Braune Patina, leicht korrodiert, fast sehr schön Estimate: 50 EUR...
18 May 2016Unsold 
Münzzentrum Rheinland - Auction 174, Lot 35
GRIECHEN ITALIEN APULIEN LUCERIA (Lucera). AE-Quincunx (211/208 v.Chr.) 16,25g. Minervakopf n.r.; oben 5 Wertkugeln / 8-spreichiges Rad mit L-O-V-C-E-R-I. SNG Cop. 659, SNG München 498-499, SNG ANS 699-703. grünbraune Patina, ss-vz 16940 Das Stück wurde gleichzeitig geprägt wie Crawf. 97.11 Tf. 18. In Rom wie in Apulien wurde damals duodezimal und dezimal gerechnet: 1 Denar = 10 Asse = 120 Unciae. Ein 5-Unciae-Stück entsprach 1/24 Denar. Estimate: 270 EUR...
2 Sep 2015280 EUR
Naville Numismatics Ltd. - Auction 4, Lot 3
Campania, Capua Quincunx circa 216 - 211, Æ 18mm., 3.06g. Veiled bust of Juno right, sceptre over left shoulder. Rev. Corn-ear and triple knot; at left, KAPU in Oscan characters. Sambon 1040. Giard, Capoue, 19. SNG France 519. Historia Numorum Italy 500. Rare. Minor encrustations on green patina, good very fine. Ex NAC Q, April 2006, 1012 Estimate: 100 GBP...
15 Dec 2013150 GBP
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Naville Numismatics Ltd. - Auction 4, Lot 8
Apulia, Venusia Quincunx circa 210 - 200, Æ 28.5mm., 18.05g. Laureate head of Jupiter left; behind, five pellets. Rev. VE ligate Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, with spread wings. SNG ANS 759. SNG France 1451. Burnett Venosa 4.3. Historia Numorum Italy 720. Minor areas of weakness; otherwise good very fine. Estimate: 100 GBP...
15 Dec 2013210 GBP
Naville Numismatics Ltd. - Auction 2, Lot 5
Apulia, Luceria Quincunx circa 211-200, Æ 25.5mm, 15.64 g. Helmeted head of Minerva right wearing Corinthian helmet. Rev. Wheel of eight spokes, between spokes, LOVCERI. SNG ANS 699, SNG Cop. 659. H.N. Italy 678. Brown patina. Very fine. Estimate: 120 GBP...
21 Sep 2013260 GBP
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