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Heritage World Coin Auctions - NYINC Signature Sale 3072, Lot 35384
Ancients EGYPT. Alexandria. Antinoüs, favorite of Hadrian (died AD 130). AE diobol (23mm, 7.39 gm 12h). NGC Choice Fine 4/5 - 4/5. Dated Regnal Year 19 of Hadrian = AD 134/5. [ANTINOOY - HPΩOC], raped bust of Antinoüs right, wearing hem-hem crown / Antinoüs, cloaked and holding caduceus, on horseback right; I - Θ (date) to right and below raised foreleg. Dattari 2084. Milne 1485a. Emmett 1348. HID02901242017 Estimate: 500-600 USD...
15 Jan 2019900 USD
Heritage World Coin Auctions - NYINC Signature Sale 3071, Lot 32110
Ancients EGYPT. Alexandria. Antinoüs. (died AD 130). AE drachm (34mm, 26.70 gm, 12h). NGC Choice VF★ 4/5 - 5/5. Dated Regnal Year 19 of Hadrian (AD 134/135). ANTINOOY-HPωOC, draped bust of Antinoüs right, seen from front, wearing hem–hem crown / Antinoüs on horseback right, wearing cloak flying behind, caduceus in right hand; L / I Θ (date) to right and below raised foreleg. Dattari (Savio) 2081-2. Emmet 1346. A very handsome example of this extremely popular and rare issue. From the Morris ...
6 Jan 20193,400 USD
Solidus Numismatik - Premium Auction 37, Lot 66
Arkadien. Mantineia. Antinoos (gest. 130 n. Chr.). Bronze (Diassarion). 134 n. Chr. Vs: Nackte Büste des Antinoos mit Drapierung üner der linken Schulter rechts. Rs: Pferd nach rechts schreitend. 25 mm. 13,91 g. RPC 330; Slg. BCD Peloponnesos 1495; Blum 6; SNG Cop. 211. Sehr selten. Sehr schön. Starting Price: 900 EUR...
16 Dec 201810,000 EUR
Numismatica Genevensis SA - Auction 10, Lot 45
Antinoos † 130 ap. J.-C. Drachme 134/5, Alexandrie. Buste drapé d'Antinoos à droite; au-dessus, une couronne égyptienne de type hemhem / Antinoos à droite, portant une chlamyde, chevauchant un cheval houssé et harnaché et tenant dans la main droite un caducée; dans le champ L / I-Q (an 19 du règne d'Hadrien). 16,54g. Blum 9; Dattari 2080; Dattari (Savio) 8007-9; Emmett 1347; K&G 34a.2; Kellner 108, fig. 14. Le plus bel exemplaire connu de cette monnaie du favori d'Hadrien. Superbe. Starti...
3 Dec 201830,000 CHF
Bolaffi Spa - Auction 33, Lot 467
Adriano (117-138 d.C.) Padovanino di epoca successiva a Giovanni Cavino (1500-1570) al nome e con l'effigie di Antinoo, favorito dell'Imperatore - Diritto: busto drappeggiato di Antinoo a destra - Rovescio: Hermes stante a destra trattiene Pegaso con la mano destare e tiene un caduceo con la sinistra - gr. 27,96 - Rara - Foro di sospensione, ma di buona qualità generale (Klawans 1) Starting Price: 300 EUR...
29 Nov 2018Unsold 
Kölner Münzkabinett - Auction 109, Lot 195
LYDIEN SALA Antinoos, gest. 130 n. Chr., Geliebter des Hadrianus AE-Assarion unter C. Val. Andro(...) Vs.: drapierte Büste n. r., Rs.: Dionysos steht mit Weintraube und Kantharos auf Säule gestützt n. r. RPC 2447; BMC 35; SNG Cop. 439; SNG München 459. 7.76 g. R Vs. Kratzer, grünbraune Patina, ss ex Münzzentrum, Auktion 90, 1997, Los 224 Estimate: 1000 EUR...
16 Nov 2018Unsold 
Roma Numismatics Ltd - E-Live Auction 3, Lot 491
Antinous PB Tessera of Alexandria, Egypt. Dated RY 6 of an uncertain emperor, circa 2nd-3rd centuries AD. Bust of Antinous, wearing hem-hem crown, before bust of Isis left; Lς (date) below / [AN]TINOOV in three lines. Milne -; Dattari (Savio) -; Köln -; Roma E-40, 357; cf. CNG 353, 364 (ANTINOOC). 2.54g, 20mm, 9h. Near Extremely Fine; well centred. Extremely Rare, perhaps the third recorded example. Estimate: 200 GBP...
25 Oct 2018420 GBP
Classical Numismatic Group - Electronic Auction 431, Lot 325
EGYPT, Alexandria. Antinoüs. Died AD 130. Æ Hemidrachm (26.2mm, 13.71 g, 12h). Dated RY 21 of Hadrian (AD 136/137). ANTINOOV HPωOC, draped bust left, wearing hem-hem crown / Antinoüs (as Hermes), wearing chlamys, holding caduceus with his right hand, on horseback right; L K (date) to either side, A below. Köln 1278 var. (placement of date); Dattari (Savio) 2090 & 8015 var. (same); K&G 34a.6; RPC III 6235; Emmett 1347.21 (R4). Near VF, attractive reddish-brown patina with touches of green in th...
24 Oct 2018475 USD
Inasta - Auction 76, Lot 362
ROMANE PROVINCIALI - Antinoo - AE 33 (Mantineia) - Testa nuda a s. /R Cavallo stante a d. RPC 328 RR (AE g. 26,64)Con certificato Dr. Busso Peus Ritocchi - Ex collezione BCD e R. D. Frederick, ex CNG 286, 2012, 213, ex asta Busso Peus 422, 2018, 323 qBB Estimate: 950 EUR...
21 Oct 2018950 EUR
Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG - Auction 312, Lot 2877
MÜNZEN DER RÖMISCHEN KAISERZEIT. Hadrianus, 117-138. - für Antinous. Æ-Hemidrachme, Jahr 19 (= 134/135), Alexandria (Aegyptus); 13,56 g. Drapierte Büste r. mit Hem-Hem-Krone//Antinoos reitet r. mit Kerykeion. Blum 11; Dattari/Savio vergl. 2083; Geissen -; Kampmann/Ganschow 34.a 2. RR Sehr schön Exemplar der Auktion Giessener Münzhandlung 129, München 2004, Nr. 256 und der Auktion Adolph Hess AG 211, Luzern 1932, Nr. 2145. Estimate: 750 EUR...
8 Oct 20181,300 EUR
Bertolami Fine Arts - ACR Auctions - E-Auction 61, Lot 680
Egypt, Antinoöpolis area, c. 2nd-3rd century. PB Seal (14mm, 2.88g). Two confronted busts, draped. R/ Blank. Estimate: 60 GBP...
9 Sep 2018Unsold 
Jean Elsen & ses Fils S.A. - Auction 138, Lot 303
EGYPTE, ANTINOOPOLIS, tessère en verre, 2e-3e s. B. dr. d''Antinoos à d. Devant, un croissant. Coll. Dattari - (cfr 6551-6555, pour des tessères avec d''autres types). 4,84g Rare. Très Beau Very Fine Estimate: 100 EUR...
8 Sep 2018120 EUR
Classical Numismatic Group - Electronic Auction 427, Lot 396
EGYPT, Antinoöpolis. Circa 2nd-3rd centuries AD. PB Tessera (22.7mm, 4.94 g, 11h). Antinoüs (as Hermes), wearing chlamys, holding caduceus with his right hand, on horseback right / Khnum(?) standing facing, head left, holding scepter and uncertain object; at his feet; ram standing left. Cf. Köln 3584 for obverse type; cf. Dattari (Savio) 11711 for obverse type; reverse type apparently unpublished. Good VF, gray-brown patina. Well centered on a large flan. Estimate: 100 USD...
22 Aug 2018360 USD
Your search for antinoo matched 13 lots.

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