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Leu Numismatik AG - Auction 4, Lot 515
GALATIA. Ancyra. Antinoüs, died 130. Medallion (Orichalcum, 33 mm, 25.96 g, 7 h), Ioulios Satorninos. ΘЄOC ANTINOOC Bare-headed and draped bust of Antinoüs to right, seen from behind. Rev. IOYΛIOC CATOPNINOC ANKYPANOIC Mên standing front, head to left, wearing Phrygian cap and with crescent on his shoulders, holding anchor with his right hand and scepter in his left. Blum, Antinoos, p. 51, 1 and pl. IV, 2 (same dies). Pudill p. 31, M19 var. (same reverse die, but head not bust on the obverse)....
25 May 2019Upcoming
Leu Numismatik AG - Auction 4, Lot 534
EGYPT. Antinoöpolis. Antinoüs, died 130. Tessera (Bronze, 20 mm, 4.69 g, 12 h), 2nd to 3rd centuries. Nilus riding hippopotamus to left, holding grain ears in his right hand and cornucopiae in his left. Rev. L - B Confronted busts of Antinoüs, draped and wearing hem-hem crown, and Isis, draped and wearing headdress. J.G. Milne: Lead Tokens from Memphis, in: Ancient Egypt (1915), p. 115 = Rostovtsev & Prou 665-6. Very rare. Sharply struck on a full flan and in exceptional condition for the issu...
25 May 2019Upcoming
Numismatica Ars Classica - Auction 114, Lot 690
The Roman Empire Antinous, favourite of Hadrian. Medallion, Smyrna Ioniae after 130, Æ 41.95 g. ANTINOOC HPΩC Bare head l. Rev. ΠOΛEMΩN ANEΘHKE – CMVPNAIOIC Goat standing r.; in field r., caduceus. Blum p. 40, 4 and pl. II, 8 (this obverse die). Very rare and in extraordinary condition for the issue, undoubtedly one of the finest coins of Antinous in existence. An elegant portrait of excellent style and a superb untouched olive green patina. Good extremely fine Ex Egger XLVI, 191...
6 May 2019140,000 CHF
Classical Numismatic Group - Electronic Auction 440, Lot 379
EGYPT, Antinoöpolis. Circa 2nd-3rd centuries AD. PB Tessera (22mm, 5.02 g, 7h). Nilus seated right on rocks, holding reed and cornucopia; crocodile to left below; before Nilus, Euthenia(?) standing left, raising her right hand / Antinoüs (as Hermes), wearing chlamys, holding caduceus with his right hand, on horseback right; above, Nike flying left, crowning Antinoüs with wreath; L Γ (date) to right and below horse's front right leg. Köln –; Dattari (Savio) 11648. VF, gray patina with light ear...
20 Mar 2019800 USD
Heritage World Coin Auctions - NYINC Signature Sale 3072, Lot 35384
Ancients EGYPT. Alexandria. Antinoüs, favorite of Hadrian (died AD 130). AE diobol (23mm, 7.39 gm 12h). NGC Choice Fine 4/5 - 4/5. Dated Regnal Year 19 of Hadrian = AD 134/5. [ANTINOOY - HPΩOC], raped bust of Antinoüs right, wearing hem-hem crown / Antinoüs, cloaked and holding caduceus, on horseback right; I - Θ (date) to right and below raised foreleg. Dattari 2084. Milne 1485a. Emmett 1348. HID02901242017 Estimate: 500-600 USD...
15 Jan 2019900 USD
Heritage World Coin Auctions - NYINC Signature Sale 3071, Lot 32110
Ancients EGYPT. Alexandria. Antinoüs. (died AD 130). AE drachm (34mm, 26.70 gm, 12h). NGC Choice VF★ 4/5 - 5/5. Dated Regnal Year 19 of Hadrian (AD 134/135). ANTINOOY-HPωOC, draped bust of Antinoüs right, seen from front, wearing hem–hem crown / Antinoüs on horseback right, wearing cloak flying behind, caduceus in right hand; L / I Θ (date) to right and below raised foreleg. Dattari (Savio) 2081-2. Emmet 1346. A very handsome example of this extremely popular and rare issue. From the Morris ...
6 Jan 20193,400 USD
Solidus Numismatik - Premium Auction 37, Lot 66
Arkadien. Mantineia. Antinoos (gest. 130 n. Chr.). Bronze (Diassarion). 134 n. Chr. Vs: Nackte Büste des Antinoos mit Drapierung üner der linken Schulter rechts. Rs: Pferd nach rechts schreitend. 25 mm. 13,91 g. RPC 330; Slg. BCD Peloponnesos 1495; Blum 6; SNG Cop. 211. Sehr selten. Sehr schön. Starting Price: 900 EUR...
16 Dec 201810,000 EUR
Numismatica Genevensis SA - Auction 10, Lot 45
Antinoos † 130 ap. J.-C. Drachme 134/5, Alexandrie. Buste drapé d'Antinoos à droite; au-dessus, une couronne égyptienne de type hemhem / Antinoos à droite, portant une chlamyde, chevauchant un cheval houssé et harnaché et tenant dans la main droite un caducée; dans le champ L / I-Q (an 19 du règne d'Hadrien). 16,54g. Blum 9; Dattari 2080; Dattari (Savio) 8007-9; Emmett 1347; K&G 34a.2; Kellner 108, fig. 14. Le plus bel exemplaire connu de cette monnaie du favori d'Hadrien. Superbe. Starti...
3 Dec 201830,000 CHF
Bolaffi Spa - Auction 33, Lot 467
Adriano (117-138 d.C.) Padovanino di epoca successiva a Giovanni Cavino (1500-1570) al nome e con l'effigie di Antinoo, favorito dell'Imperatore - Diritto: busto drappeggiato di Antinoo a destra - Rovescio: Hermes stante a destra trattiene Pegaso con la mano destare e tiene un caduceo con la sinistra - gr. 27,96 - Rara - Foro di sospensione, ma di buona qualità generale (Klawans 1) Starting Price: 300 EUR...
29 Nov 2018Unsold 
Kölner Münzkabinett - Auction 109, Lot 195
LYDIEN SALA Antinoos, gest. 130 n. Chr., Geliebter des Hadrianus AE-Assarion unter C. Val. Andro(...) Vs.: drapierte Büste n. r., Rs.: Dionysos steht mit Weintraube und Kantharos auf Säule gestützt n. r. RPC 2447; BMC 35; SNG Cop. 439; SNG München 459. 7.76 g. R Vs. Kratzer, grünbraune Patina, ss ex Münzzentrum, Auktion 90, 1997, Los 224 Estimate: 1000 EUR...
16 Nov 2018Unsold 
Your search for antinoo matched 10 lots.

Search for 'antinoo' in upcoming auctions at