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Numismatik Naumann (formerly Gitbud & Naumann) - Auction 82, Lot 149
PHRYGIA. Amorion. Ae (2nd-1st centuries BC). Sokrates and Aristodes, magistrates. Obv: Laureate head of Zeus right. Rev: ΣΩΚΡΑΤ / ΑΡΙΣΤΕΙΔΟΥ / ΑΜΟΡΙΑΝΩΝ. Eagle standing right on thunderbolt, with kerykeion over shoulder. SNG Copenhagen 113; SNG von Aulock 3391. Condition: Very fine. Weight: 6.74 g. Diameter: 21 mm. Estimate: 40 EUR...
6 Oct 201970 EUR
Leu Numismatik AG - Web Auction 9, Lot 1347
Andreas, koubikoularios, 659-668. Seal (Lead, 24 mm, 8.58 g, 2 h). Andreas riding on horseback to the right, head to right, holding a roll in cylindrical receptacle in his right hand, which trails behind him to left. Rev. Cruciform monogram ANΔPEOV; in the four angles, CU-bI/CU-a/Lr. Zacos/Veglery 1375. Seibt/Zarnitz 4.3.11. Nesbitt c.s., Hecht, 6. An important and very interesting seal. Very fine. Andreas koubikoularios is well known known from written sources: he was a powerful eunuch and ...
7 Sep 2019350 CHF
Heritage World Coin Auctions - Monthly Auction 271933, Lot 35498
Ancients Michael II the Amorion (AD 820-829), with Theophilus. AR miliaresion (23mm, 2.10 gm, 12h). NGC Choice AU 5/5 - 4/5. Constantinople, AD 821-829. IhSЧS XRIS-tЧS nICA, cross potent on three steps; triple border / +MIXA/HL S ΘЄOFI/LЄ ЄC ΘЄЧ / bASILIS RO/mAIOh, legend in five lines; triple border. Sear 1641.
18 Aug 2019400 USD
Your search for amorion matched 3 lots.

Search for 'amorion' in upcoming auctions at