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Auction DatePrice Realized
Leu Numismatik AG - Web Auction 8, Lot 1361
Dryantilla, Augusta, 260. Antoninianus (Silver, 17 mm, 2.51 g, 7 h), Carnuntum. SV[LP DRYANTI]LLA AVG Diademed and draped bust of Dryantilla set on crescent to right. Rev. [IV]NONI R[EGINE] Juno standing front, head to left, holding patera in her right hand and sceptre in her left. Cohen 1. MIR 1722a. RIC 2. Extremely rare. Crystallized and with some flan faults and scratches, and with the usual traces of overstriking, otherwise, about very fine. Regalian's wife Dryantilla is only known fro...
29 Jun 20193,000 CHF
Classical Numismatic Group - Electronic Auction 446, Lot 231
ASIA MINOR, Uncertain. Octavian(?). Æ (27.5mm, 19.06 g, 11h). Bare head right / Fiscus, sella, quaestoria and hasta; Q below. RPC I 5409; FITA p. 13. Near VF, dark green patina, cleaning and smoothing scratches. This issue has previously been attributed to a Macedonian mint with the portrait identified either as Brutus (Friedlander), Caesar (Grant), or to the governor of Syria, Gaius Sosius (in the trade). RPC presents a case for a Cilician or Syrian origin, supported by find data, with a sug...
19 Jun 2019106 USD
Emporium Hamburg - Auction 85, Lot 182
KLEINASIEN, KILIKIEN / Incertum, AE 20 (Gaius Sosius, ca.38 v.Chr.), unbekannte Münzstätte. Kopf r. Rs.Lanze, Subsellium und Geldbehälter. 9,65g. Ex Roma Numismatics, E-Sale 30, 240. RPC 5410 selten, ss+ Estimate: 150 EUR...
8 May 2019130 EUR
Your search for Sosius matched 3 lots.

Search for 'Sosius' in upcoming auctions at