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Auction DatePrice Realized
Roma Numismatics Ltd - Auction XXV, Lot 258
Macedon, Philippoi AV Stater. Circa 356-345 BC. Head of Herakles to right, wearing lion skin headdress / Tripod; ΦIΛIΠΠΩN upwards to left; stag head to right in right field. BMC 3; Boston MFA 583 = Warren 593; Bellinger, Philippi 18; AMNG III/2, 3 var. (horse head on rev.); cf. HGC 3.1, 628 (same type, symbol not listed). 8.57g. NGC graded Ch XF 4/5 - 4/5, edge marks (#5873092-003). Extremely Rare. Acquired from Vilmar Numismatics; Ex Heritage World Coin Auctions, Dallas Signature Sale 3085,...
22 Sep 20229,000 GBP
Roma Numismatics Ltd - Auction XXV, Lot 269
Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander III 'the Great' AV Distater. 'Amphipolis', circa 325-323 BC. Head of Athena to right, wearing triple crested Corinthian helmet decorated with coiled serpent / Nike standing to left, holding wreath in outstretched right hand and stylis over left shoulder; thunderbolt to left, ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ to right. Price 163a (same dies); Müller 1; for the date, Troxell, Studies Group A, cf. p. 128 for date. 17.25g, 22mm, 8h. Good Extremely Fine; well-centered and exceptionally wel...
22 Sep 2022130,000 GBP
Roma Numismatics Ltd - Auction XXV, Lot 1103
Alexander III 'the Great' of Macedon Æ Contorniate. Rome, late 4th - early 5th century. ALEXANDER MAGNVS MACEDON, bust to right, wearing lion skin headdress / Olympias reclining to left on couch, feeding coiled serpent; dolphin to right, OLYMPIAS above, REGINA in exergue. Mittag Alexander II; Alföldi 3.1; Stutzinger 188; BM R.4803. 27.03g, 37mm, 6h. Good Very Fine; contact mark at 11h. Very Rare. The term 'contorniate' refers to late antique coin-like objects which can be distinguished from ...
22 Sep 202216,000 GBP
Antykwariat Numizmatyczny - Michal Niemczyk - Auction 36, Lot 5322
Ancient coins: Roman Empire (Rome) RÖMISCHEN REPUBLIK / GRIECHISCHE MÜNZEN / BYZANZ / ANTIK / ANCIENT / ROME / GREECE / RÖMISCHEN KAISERZEIT / CELTISHE / BIBLISHE Provincial Rome, Macedonia - Philippi. Bronze 1st A.D.ntury A.D., Claudius or Nero Αw: Trzy sztandary, napis: COHOR PRAE, w odcinku PHILRw: Wiktoria krocząca w lewo, w polu: VIC – AVGPatyna.RPC 1651; SNG Cop 305-306 More photos and full item description available on auction site here. Details: Condition: 4,97 g (F,97 g) Starti...
18 Sep 2022145 PLN
Heritage World Coin Auctions - ANA Signature Sale 3101, Lot 35036
Ancients MACEDONIAN KINGDOM. Philip V (221-179 BC). AR tetradrachm (28mm, 16.74 gm, 12h). NGC AU 5/5 - 4/5. Head of Perseus left, wearing winged Phrygian helmet with griffin at peak, harpa over shoulder; all within doubled-lined circle in center of Macedonian shield, the outer margins ornamented with stars within doubled ovals / BAΣIΛEΩΣ / ΦIΛΛIΠOY, large horizontal club right within oak wreath with ties at left. HGC 3.1, 1056. Du Chastel 210. SNG Munich 1125. AMNG III p. 197, 1 (Philip VI). A...
25 Aug 20223,900 USD
Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd - Auction 130, Lot 4190
Macedon (Roman Protectorate), Republican period, Roman embassy, (c.148-147 B.C.), silver tetradrachm, (16.73 g), Amphipolis or Thessalonika mint, obv. diademed and draped bust of Artemis right, bow and quiver over shoulder, in boss of a Macedonian shield, rev. club, above, LEG and hand holding olive branch to left, below, MAKED ONEWN, all within oak wreath, [thunderbolt] to outer left, (S.1388, MacKay, Macedonian, Series 1 [Obv.1; Rev. 1]; AMNG III, 189; HGC 3, 1105; SNG Cop. 1317 [same dies],...
26 Jul 20224,800 AUD
Numismatica Ars Classica - Auction 132, Lot 246
Philip II, 359 – 336 and posthumous issues Stater, Amphipolis circa 323-315, AV 8.59 g. Laureate head of Apollo r. Rev. ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ Prancing biga r., driven by charioteer holding kentron and reins; below horses, cantharus. de Sartiges 194 (this coin). Gulbenkian 837 (these dies). Gillet 783 (this coin). Le Rider 256b (this coin). An exceedingly rare issue, only two specimens known. Undoubtedly the finest portrait of the entire series, the work of a talented master-engraver. An almost invisi...
30 May 2022110,000 CHF
Numismatica Ars Classica - Auction 132, Lot 252
Time of Philip III – Antigonus I Half unit, uncertain mint in Western Asia Minor circa 323-310, Æ 4.17 g. Macedonian shield decorated with head of Alexander III facing slightly l. on central boss. Rev. B – A Crested helmet. Price 2801. Rare. Dark green patina and about extremely fine Ex Tkalec sale 28 October 1994, 81. View a video of this lot Estimate: 500 CHF...
30 May 2022550 CHF
Numismatica Ars Classica - Auction 132, Lot 256
Philip V, 221 – 179 Tetradrachm, Pella or Amphipolis circa 211-197, AR 17.12 g. Head of young Perseus l., wearing winged griffin-headed helmet, sword on his r. shoulder, in centre of Macedonian shield. Rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ – ΦIΛIΠΠOY Club within oak-wreath; in l. field, M. Boehringer, Chronologie pl. 8, 7 (these dies). Mamroth, Philip –. AMNG III, 1 (Philip VI and these dies). SNG Alpha Bank 1051 var. (without M). SNG München 1125 var. (withou M). Rare and in superb condition for the issue....
30 May 202240,000 CHF
Numismatica Ars Classica - Auction 132, Lot 257
Philip V, 221 – 179 Didrachm, Pella or Amphipolis circa 184-179, AR 8.36 g. Diademed head of Philip V r. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ – ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ Club; above, monogram and below, two monograms. All within oak-wreath; in l. field, trident. Mamroth 23. Boston, MFA 718 var. (one different monogram on reverse). McClean 3630 and pl. 135, 3 var. (one different monogram). A very appealing and realistic portrait of fine style. Light iridescent tone and about extremely fine The reverse type depicting a club ...
30 May 20226,500 CHF
Numismatica Ars Classica - Auction 132, Lot 258
Perseus, 178 – 168 Tetradrachm signed by Zoilos, Pella 178, AR 16.67 g. Diademed head r., slightly bearded; below, ZΩΙΛΟΥ. Rev. ΒΑΣΙ - ΛΕΩΣ / ΠΕΡ - ΣΕΩΣ Eagle standing r. on thunderbolt, with open wings; in field r., Σ monogram. The whole within wreath. de Sartiges 212 (these dies). Mamroth 1. AMNG I pl. 35, 23 (these dies). de Luynes 1712 (these dies). Boehringer, Chronologie pl. 7, 5 (these dies). Gillet 238 (these dies). Extremely rare and undoubtedly one of the finest specimens...
30 May 202246,000 CHF
Numismatica Ars Classica - Auction 132, Lot 260
Tauric Chersonesus, Panticapaeum Stater circa 340-325, AV 9.07 g. Bearded head of Pan l., wearing wreath of ivy leaves. Rev. Π – A – N Griffin standing l., head facing on stalk of barley, holding spear in its mouth. de Luynes 1792. Weber 2690. SNG BM Black Sea 867. N. Zograph, Ancient Coinage, BAR Supplementary Series 33, pl. XL, 11. Gulbenkian 589 (this obverse die). Gillet 854 (this coin). Dewing 1842. Weber 2690 (this obverse die). Kraay-Hirmer pl. 142, 440. Rare. A magnifice...
30 May 2022150,000 CHF
Numismatica Ars Classica - Auction 132, Lot 395
Ptolemy V Epiphanos, 205 – 180 Octodrachm, uncertain military mint in Phoenicia circa 202-200, AV 27.73 g. Diademed and draped bust r. Rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ – ΠTOΛEMAIOY Eagle standing left on thunderbolt; in l. field, Θ and between legs, NI. Svoronos 1281 and pl. XLII, 14 (this obverse die and for Alexandria). Hunterian 19. SNG Lockett 3427 (this coin). Extremely rare, only four specimens listed by Svoronos. A very interesting and unusual portrait struck in high relief. Extremely fine / good ...
30 May 2022300,000 CHF
Numismatica Ars Classica - Auction 132, Lot 474
M. Junius Brutus with L. Plaetorius Caestianus. Aureus, mint moving with Brutus in Northern Greece 43-42, AV 7.84 g. BRVT IMP – L·PLAET·CEST Bare head of M. Junius Brutus r. Rev. Pileus between two daggers; below, EID·MAR. Babelon –. Sydenham –. Sear Imperators 215. H. Cahn, Actes du Congrès International de Numismatique, Paris 1953, p. 213 (this coin) = H. Cahn, Q. Tic 18, 1989, 24a (this coin). Calicó 58 (this coin). RBW –. Crawford –. Biaggi 39 (this coin). Of the highest rarity, only thre...
30 May 20222,200,000 CHF
Nomos AG - Auction 24, Lot 63
MACEDON. Philippoi. Circa 356-345 BC. Stater (Gold, 17.5 mm, 8.61 g, 9 h). Head of Herakles to right, wearing lion's skin headdress. Rev. ΦΙΛΙΠΠΩΝ Tripod with three high, oval handles and feet ending in lion's paws; in field to right, bunch of grapes. Bellinger, Philippi 20. Very rare. Very sharply struck and perfectly centered. Some die rust on the obverse, otherwise, good extremely fine. From the Villiers Collection, ex Roma XIII 23 March 2017, 152. The city of Philippoi was founded by Th...
22 May 202260,000 CHF
Leu Numismatik AG - Auction 11, Lot 71
MACEDON (ROMAN PROTECTORATE), Republican period. Roman embassy. Circa 148-147 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 30 mm, 16.86 g, 3 h), Attic standard. Diademed and draped bust of Artemis to right, bow and quiver over her shoulder; all at the center of a Macedonian shield ornamented with stars within double crescents, each separated by seven pellets. Rev. LEG - MAKEΔONΩN Club; above, right hand holding olive branch to left; below, monogram; all within oak wreath with thunderbolt to left. AMNG III, 193. B...
14 May 202210,000 CHF
Heritage World Coin Auctions - CSNS Signature Sale 3099, Lot 31029
Ancients MACEDONIAN KINGDOM. Philip II (359-336 BC). AR tetradrachm (24mm, 14.35 gm, 10h). NGC Choice AU 5/5 - 4/5. Posthumous issue of Amphipolis, ca. 323-315 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right / ΦΙΛΙΠ-ΠΟΥ, nude youth on horseback right, palm in right hand, reins in left; aphlaston below horse, Π• below raised left foreleg. SNG ANS 738. Blazing red-orange toning on lustrous surfaces. Very attractive. Ex Myntauktioner i Sverige, Auction 35 (21 November 2020), lot 980; Ahlström, Auction 68, lot 1...
5 May 20223,200 USD
Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd - Auction 129, Lot 3333
ANCIENT GREEK COINS INCLUDING LOKRIS, Lokris Opuntia, (338-316 B.C.), silver triobol, (2.68 g), obv. Persephone wreathed head to right wearing single pendant earring and necklace, rev. Ajax son of Oileus, advancing right, with sword and shield decorated with a serpent and sea horses, kantharos between legs, around **OPONTIWN*, (S.2330, BCD 99 [NAC Auction 55], de Luynes 1958, cf. SNG Lockett 1700) (illustrated); AE of Alexander the Great (S.6739) [2]; Phrygia, Apameia, (after 133 B.C.), AE 20,...
29 Mar 2022360 AUD
Your search for 'Macedonia and Philip VI' matched 18 lots from auctions added in the last six months.
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