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Heritage World Coin Auctions - NYINC Signature Sale 3061, Lot 32083
Ancients Quintus Labienus, rebel Imperator (40-39 BC). AR denarius (18mm, 3.79 gm, 5h). NGC AU 4/5 - 3/5. Antioch or uncertain mint in Syria or southern Asia Minor, early 40 BC. Q · LABIENVS · PARTHICVS · IMP, bare head of Labienus right, with unruly hair and long sideburn / No legend, cavalry horse standing right, with bridle and saddle, to which quiver and bow-case are attached. Crawford 524/2. BMCRR East 131. RSC 2. CRI 341. Sydenham 1357. Extremely rare, one of the most sought-after Imper...
7 Jan 201846,000 USD
Dr. Busso Peus Nachfolger - Auction 420, Lot 157
Imperatorische Prägungen M. Antonius. Denar 41 v. Chr., Ephesos, Mzm. M. C. Nerva. Kopf des M. Antonius / Kopf des L. Antonius. Cr. 517, 5a; Syd. 1185. 3.02 g.; Feine Tönung - Feine Bildnisse Gutes sehr schön Randausbruch Im Laufe der Republik haben auch die Münzbilder einen revolutionären Wandel durchlaufen. Die in der alten Republik undenkbare Gepflogenheit, Bildnisse lebender Männer auf Münzen zu prägen, hatte sich durchgesetzt, die Bilder von Göttern wurden sukzessive durch die von Poten...
1 Nov 2017Unsold 
Roma Numismatics Ltd - Auction XIV, Lot 541
Julius Caesar AR Denarius. Military mint travelling with Caesar in North Africa, 47-46 BC. Diademed head of Venus right / Aeneas advancing left, carrying palladium in right hand and Anchises on left shoulder; CAESAR to right. Crawford 458/1; CRI 55; RSC 12. 3.80g, 17mm, 6h. Near Extremely Fine. Minor flan flaw and crack. Lightly toned and lustrous. This issue was probably struck in Africa during Caesar's campaign against Metellus Pius Scipio and Labienus. The types are purely propagandistic...
21 Sep 2017360 GBP
Roma Numismatics Ltd - Auction XIV, Lot 570
Marc Antony AR Denarius. Military mint travelling with Antony in northern Syria, late summer - autumn 38 BC. Bare head right; ANT•AVGV•III•VIR•R•P•C around / Trophy of arms; at base to left, prow left, [Macedonian shield to right]; IMP-TE[R] across fields. Crawford 536/3 note; CRI 272; RSC 18b. 3.86g, 20mm, 9h. Good Extremely Fine; two light scratches on obverse. Sound, lustrous metal. Very Rare. The Parthians had been well aware of Caesar's ambitions to invade their territory, and during th...
21 Sep 2017Unsold 
Your search for Labienus matched 4 lots.

Search for 'Labienus' in upcoming auctions at