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Numismatica Ars Classica > Auction 100Auction date: 29 May 2017
Lot number: 1287

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An Interesting Selection of Roman Provincial Coinage

Hieropolis. Severus Alexander caesar, 221-222. Bronze circa 221-222, Æ 10.25 g. [M AV A] ΛEΞANΔPOC KAIC Bareheaded, draped and cuirassed bust r. Rev. IEPAΠOΛ – EI – TΩN [N]EΩ – KOPΩN Prize crown; above, ΠY – ΘIA. Mionnet IV, 640. BMC –. SNG von Aulock –. SNG Copenhagen –. Andrea June Armstrong, Roman Phrygia: Cities and their Coinage, 132.
Exceedingly rare. Dark green patina, metal flaw on reverse, otherwise very fine

Estimate: 200 CHF