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Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles > Auction 96Auction date: 14 February 2017
Lot number: 1842

Lot description:

Hippos-Sussita. Domitian. AE 20 (10.54 g), 81-96 CE Choice VF Cho. ΔOMITIA[N K]AICAP, laureate head of Domitian right. Reverse: IΠΠH-NΩN, Tyche standing facing, head left, holding forth wreath and cornucopiae; in left field, A. Spijkerman -; Meshorer, City-Coins -; Rosenberger 5; SNG ANS -; RPC 2104. Extremely Rare. Dark green patina with subtle sandy highlights around the devices. Choice Very Fine. Estimate Value $400 - 500
Ex Goldberg 1 (31 May-2 June 1999), 1131.
RPC records just one specimen of this type, from the Rosenberger collection, and there are no additional examples in the various supplements to date. CNG recently sold a second example (see CNG E360, 258). Of the three, this is by far the nicest.