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Roma Numismatics Ltd > Auction XIIAuction date: 29 September 2016
Lot number: 56

Lot description:

Kings of Mauretania, Bogud AR Denarius. 49-38 BC. Uncertain mint, circa 47-46 BC. Head of Africa left, wearing elephant skin / Griffin standing right; winged solar disk above, thunderbolt below. MAA 56; Mazard 103; Müller, Afrique 5; RPC I 853; CRI 547 (all referencing the specimen in the BN). 3.00g, 21mm, 5h.

Good Very Fine. Extremely Rare, one of only six known examples.

Bogud, son of King Bocchus I of Mauretania, was joint king of Mauretania with his elder brother Bocchus II, with Bocchus ruling east of the Moulouya River and his brother west. An important ally of Julius Caesar, Bogud later supported Marc Antony in the power struggle between Antony and Octavian. He was deposed by his brother and was killed at the siege of Methone in 31 BC prior to the Battle of Actium.

Estimate: 1000 GBP