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Classical Numismatic Group > Electronic Auction 376Auction date: 15 June 2016
Lot number: 361

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SYRIA, Uncertain mint. Mark Antony, with Octavia. 38-37 BC. Æ As (23mm, 11.41 g, 9h). Fleet coinage. L. Calpurnius Bibulus M. f., magistrate. Jugate heads of Mark Antony and Octavia right / Galley right; below, [A and head of Medusa?]. Amandry, Bronze I, Series I.D, 1 (D1/R1) = RPC 4091.1 (this coin, illustrated on p. 155). Near Fine, brown patina, rough reverse. Rare.

From the RBW Collection. Ex Randy Haviland Collection (Gemini X, 13 January 2013), lot 428; J. S. Wagner Collection (Classical Numismatic Group 79, 17 September 2008), lot 635.

Estimate: 300 USD