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Nomos AG > obolos 4Auction date: 21 February 2016
Lot number: 552

Lot description:

LYDIA, Philadelphia. Caligula, 37-41. Bronze (17mm, 3.79 g 12), magistrate Melanthus. [ΓAIOΣ] KAIΣAP Bare head of Caligula to right; behind, star. Rev. ΦIΛAΔ[EΛΦEΩN / MEΛA]NΘOΣ IEP[EYΣ / ΓEP]MANIKOY Laureate and draped busts, jugate, of the Dioscuri to right. RPC 3018. SNG von Aulock 3071. Struck somewhat off center, otherwise, very fine.

Melanthus was the priest of the cult of Germanicus, Caligula's father.

Starting Price: 100 CHF