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Pecunem | Numismatik Naumann (formerly Gitbud & Naumann) > Gitbud & Naumann Auction 36Auction date: 4 October 2015
Lot number: 323

Lot description:

MACEDON. Uncertain (Dium?). Quintus Hortensius Hortalo (Proconsul, 44-42BC). Ae.

Bare head right.
Plough with yoke right; to right, vexillum. c/m: B FQ in rectangular incuse.

Kremydi-Sicilianou, Quintus Hortensius Hortalus in Macedonia, 1-19.

Quintus Hortensius Hortalus was the son of the famous orator, senator and consul with the same name. He was a partisan of G. Julius Caesar and not only amongst the first to cross the Rubicon but also a combatant on Caesar's side in the battle of Pharsalos in 46 BC. As a reward for his loyalty he was made proconsul of Macedonia in 44 BC, only a few months before the assassination of Caesar.

Condition: Good fine.

Weight: 16.52 g.
Diameter: 27 mm.

Estimate: 2000 EUR