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Numismatica Ars Classica > Auction 86Auction date: 8 October 2015
Lot number: 78

Lot description:

The Roman Empire
Dynastic Issues of Augustus

Cossus Cornelius Lentulus. Denarius 12 BC, AR 3.81 g. AVGVSTVS – COS XI Oak-wreathed head of Augustus r. Rev. M AGRIPPA – COS TER / COSSVS LENTVLVS Head of Agrippa r., wearing combined mural and rostral crown. C Agrippa and Augustus 1. BMC 121. RIC 414. CBN 549.
Extremely rare and in an excellent condition for this very difficult issue. Two very
pleasant portraits and a lovely tone, hairline flan crack at two o'clock on
reverse, otherwise about extremely fine

Ex NAC sale 51, 2009, 158.

This is a great companion to the above coin. I asked Steve Rubinger about this coin - as he was attending the sale and bidding on my behalf. He agreed that it was a "must have" coin and we should go after it with a strong bid. Obviously we were successful. MSG.

Of all the coinages honouring Agrippa, this denarius is perhaps the most interesting, not only because it represents what Augustus hoped would be his final dynastic settlement, but because Agrippa wears a composite crown with towered embattlements and ship's prows to commemorate his many victories at land and at sea.

Indeed, when this denarius was issued in 12 B.C., the aspirations of Marcus Agrippa appeared limitless: he was a proven, loyal friend to Augustus, was husband to the emperor's only child, and was the father of the emperor's two grandsons. The joint renewal of the tribunician power for Augustus and Agrippa – the basis for this 'dynastic' coinage – was not awarded lightly, as it announced to all that Augustus' heir was none other than Agrippa.

Estimate: 25000 CHF