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Heritage World Coin Auctions > Long Beach Signature Sale 3042Auction date: 17 September 2015
Lot number: 29146

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JUDAEA. Herodian Kings. Herod Agrippa I (AD 37-44). Æ quarter-denomination (14mm, 2.49 gm, 12h). Caesarea Paneas, AD 37/8. ΓΑ ΒΑΣ within wreath / Tetrastyle temple with floral ornament in architrave. Hendin 1239 (RRR). TJC 115. RPC I 4980. Extremely rare, only the fourth recorded, and possibly finest, specimen. Dark green patina with light earthen fields, possibly enhanced; no overt signs of tooling. Extremely Fine. This is one of the rarest Herodian bronze coins on record, with only three previous examples known, all struck from the same die pairing. The Menorah Coin project (, an online database of Judaean coinage, lists images of the three other known specimens, including the one illustrated in Hendin and TJC, the Israel Museum specimen. The present example appears to be much superior to two of the three other known specimens, and about the equal of the third.

Estimate: 8000-10000 USD