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Gemini, LLC > Auction XIIAuction date: 11 January 2015
Lot number: 348

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Nero, naming Vespasian as governor of Syria. 54-68 AD. AE 24, 11.67g (12h). Sepphoris, Galilea, Year 14=67/8 AD. Obv: Caduceus between two crossed cornucopias, legend names Sepphoris Irenopolis (City of Peace) and Neronias (all here off flan) and begins "Under Vespasian", [E]ΠI OYECΠACIA[NOY]. Rx: L ΔI / NEPΩNO / KΛAYΔIOY / KAICAPO / C in five lines within wreath. Hendin 1276. RPC 4849 (14 spec.). Good VF

Cf. Hendin, 4th ed., p. 407: "The earliest coins of Sepphoris were issued in 68 C.E. by Agrippa II, naming Vespasian under the emperor Nero. These coins establish that Vespasian was a governor as well as a general before he took the throne"

Estimate: 1700 USD