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Classical Numismatic Group > Triton XVIIIAuction date: 6 January 2015
Lot number: 914

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SYRTICA, Oea. Julia Augusta (Livia). Augusta, AD 14-29. Æ As (26mm, 9.33 g, 8h). Struck circa AD 22/3-29. Draped bust right; grain behind; before, peacock standing right / Helmeted bust of Minerva left, wearing aegis; Neo-Punic WY'T before. MAA 35; Müller 35; SNG Copenhagen 34; RPC I 833. VF, brown and green patina.

From the R.A.M. Collection, privately purchased from R. M. Smythe, February 2001.

Estimate: 500 USD