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Spink > Auction 14005Auction date: 25 June 2014
Lot number: 150

Lot description:

Domitian (AD 81-96), AE 17mm, Neapolis (Samaria), laureate head right, rev. two ears of corn on stalk (BMC 16), very fine, Faustina Snr., wife of Antoninus Pius, AE 16mm, Bostra, veiled head right, rev. city-goddess standing facing, holding sceptre, hand on hip (cf BMC 6-8; GICV 1539), about very fine, Lucius Verus (AD 161-169), AE 16mm, Elaia (Aeolis), bare head right, rev. corn ears in basket (BMC 46), good very fine (3).

Estimate: 64 GBP