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Lot number: 3072

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P. Accoleius Lariscolus. Silver Denarius (3.95 g), 41 BC. Very Scarce. Rome. P ACCOLEIVS behind, LARISCOLVS before, draped bust of Diana Nemorensis right. Reverse Triple cult statue of Diana Nemorensis facing, supporting on hands and shoulders beam with five cypress trees; the figure on the left holding poppy, the figure on the right holding lily. Crawford 486/1; HCRI 172; Sydenham 1148; Accoleia 1. Rare. Perfectly centered and exceptionally complete. Beautiful light iridescent toning. Probably the finest to exist . Superb Extremely Fine. The family of the moneyer P. Accoleius Lariscolus hailed from the small Alban town of Aricia, sixteen miles southeast of Rome. The goddess Diana Nemorensis, the ruins of whose temple are still visible today, was worshiped there in a cypress grove beside lake Nemi. Her cult is particularly unusual in one way - the high priest (Rex Nemorensis) attained his position by defeating his predecessor in mortal combat! Octavian's mother, Atia, was also born in Aricia, and it is perhaps in light of this that we should see Lariscolus' appointment as moneyer. That is, Atia had died in 43 BC, and Octavian, wishing to honor her birthplace, assured the appointment of a native son of Aricia to the quattuorvirate who as a matter of convention would surely use a type related to his (and Atia's) hometown. Estimated Value $6,000 - 7,000 Ex NAC 63 (17 May 2012), 471; Kurpflzische Mnzhandlung 70 (30 May 2006), 41.