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Classical Numismatic Group > Electronic Auction 313Auction date: 23 October 2013
Lot number: 271

Lot description:
Roman Imperial

Marcus Aurelius. AD 161-180. Æ As (25mm, 10.19 g, 6h). Rome mint. Struck AD 177. M ANTONINVS AVG GERM SARM TRP XXXI, laureate head right / FELICITATI/AVG P P in two lines in field, IMP VIII to left, [COS III] to right, S C in exergue, galley rowed left by four oarsmen: Neptune standing left on bow, foot on rock, holding dolphin or aplustre and trident, in the stern is a hortator and an arched cabin under a curved aplustre. RIC III 1192; MIR 18, 379-9/30. VF, green patina, minor smoothing.

From the Simon Shipp Collection.

Estimate: $150