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Classical Numismatic Group > Electronic Auction 290Auction date: 7 November 2012
Lot number: 249

Lot description:
Roman Provincial

BOEOTIA, Thebes. Pseudo-autonomous issue. temp. Galba, AD 68-69. Lot of two (2) Æ coins. Both struck under the magistrate Polem- Makros. Includes: 1. (18mm, 6.10 g, 12h). Laureate head of Hercules left / Crossed club and thyrsos. BCD Boiotia 589.1 (this coin); Head, Boeotia p. 96; RPC I 1331 (this coin referenced). Very rare. 2. (18mm, 7.27 g, 1h). Similar to last, but head of Hercules right. BCD Boiotia 589.2 (this coin); BMC 214; RPC I 1333. Extremely rare. Both Near VF.

Ex BCD Collection (10 January 2006), lot 589.

Estimate: $150