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Classical Numismatic Group > Mail Bid Sale 64Auction date: 24 September 2003
Lot number: 601

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MYSIA, Parium. Galba. 68-69 AD. Æ 22mm (8.61 gm).

Estimate $300 

MYSIA, Parium. Galba. 68-69 AD. Æ 22mm (8.61 gm). GALBA CAESAR, bare head right / AVGVSTVS DD, capricorn right, cornucopiae over shoulder. RPC I 2267; SNG France -; BMC Mysia -; McClean 4202. Good VF, green patina. Very rare emperor in the Greek Imperial series; finest of three known specimens. ($300) Although commonly given the title CAESAR on his Imperial issues, this is the only instance of its appearance on Galba's rare provincial coins.