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Heritage World Coin Auctions > CICF Signature Sale 3024Auction date: 18 April 2013
Lot number: 25803

Lot description:

ARABIA. Bostra. Philip I (244 - 249 AD). AE 29mm (17.42 gm, 12h). Draped bust of Philip I right, seen from rear, laureate; IM CAS M IVL PHILIPPOS AVG / Draped bust of Zeus-Ammon wearing kalathos right; COL METROPOLIS BOSTRA (Metropolitan colony of Bostra). Sofaer pl. 131,51. Spijkerman 56. Rosenberger 50. Rare, earthen highlights. About Very Fine.Ex Shoshana II (Heritage Long Beach, 5 September 2012), lot 20463.

Estimate: 300-400 USD

Estimate: 300 USD