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Gemini, LLC > Auction XAuction date: 13 January 2013
Lot number: 750

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Domitian as Caesar. 70-81 AD. Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 11.17g. (5h). Probably Rome Mint for circulation in Asia, 80-1 AD. Obv: CAES DIVI F - DOMITIANVS COS VII Head laureate right. Rx: DIVO - VESP across field, Altar enclosure with doors. RIC 517 (R ). RPC 862 (8 spec.). BM 150. Paris 112. Cohen 95 (70 Fr.). Rare reverse type commemorating the consecration of Vespasian. VF/EF.

Ex Harry N. Sneh Collection. Ex Manhattan Sale 1, 5 January 2010, lot 228.

Estimate: 600 USD