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Leu Numismatik AG (1992-2005) > Auction 81Auction date: 16 May 2001
Lot number: 318

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Asia Minor


Archelaus, King of Cappadocia, 36 B.CA.D. 17

Estimate: CHF 2'500.00

Drachm (Silver, 3.59 g 12), Caesarea, year 22, 15/14. Diademed head of Archelaus to right. Rev. Upright club between (= 22). BMC 2. Jameson 1638 (this coin). RPC 3602 (this coin not noted). B. Simonetta, The Coins of the Cappadocian Kings (Fribourg 1977), 2. Rare. Beautifully toned and of superb style. Minor scratch on the reverse, otherwise, extremely fine.

From the collection of W. Wahler, Numismatic Fine Arts XXV, 29 November 1990, 184, ex Bank Leu 20, 25 April 1978, 156, and from the collection of R. Jameson. Archelaus, a great-grandson of a general of Mithradates VI, was made king of Cappadocia by Antony and continued to rule under Augustus and on into the reign of Tiberius. He was then called to Rome where he remained until his death in 17, after which Cappadocia was made a Roman province. Despite its small size this is one of the last great Hellenistic regal portraits, yet it also has a clear relation to idealized portraits of Augustus and shows how Roman concepts of portraiture had been incorporated by Greek engravers.