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Heritage World Coin Auctions > Long Beach Signature Sale 3018Auction date: 5 September 2012
Lot number: 20513

Lot description:

Sebaste, Samaria. Domitian (81 - 96 AD). AE (23 mm, 10.77 gm, 12h). Bust of Domitian r., laureate: IMP DOMITIANVS CAESAR / Male figure (the emperor?, Zeus?) standing r., resting his hand on scepter and holding small Victory, who offers him a crown; CEBAC THNWN (of the people of Sebaste); in upper r. field, date: LΘΡ (year 109 = 81/2 AD). Sofaer pl. 62,8. BMC Palestine (Sebaste) 5; RPC II 2227. Earthen highlights. Good Very Fine plus.

Estimate: 320-480 USD