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Classical Numismatic Group > Auction 91Auction date: 19 September 2012
Lot number: 590

Lot description:

CAPPADOCIA, Caesarea-Eusebia. Gordian III. AD 238-244. Æ (25mm, 9.10 g, 12h). Dated RY 4 (AD 240/1). Laureate head right / Agalma of Mt. Argaeus set on altar inscribed ЄNT; ЄT Δ (date) in exergue. Bland, Bronze 121; Sydenham, Caesarea Supp. 615c corr. (incorrectly lists date as ЄT ς). Near EF, brown patina. Choice for type.

From Group CEM.

ЄNT[IXION] refers to the building of city walls around Caesarea, towers of which are depicted on some very rare tridrachms of Gordian III from year 3 (see Bland, Last 13-14).

From the same obverse die as the following lot.

Estimate: 200 USD