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Nomos AG > Auction 6Auction date: 8 May 2012
Lot number: 155

Lot description:

Hadrianoi ad Olympum, Mysia. Commodus. 177-192. Triassarion (Bronze, 31mm, 17.64 g 2), T. Lucilius Diodorus, magistrate, early 180s. ΑΥ.Κ.Λ.ΑΥΡ.ΚΟΜΟΔΟC.ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝΟC Draped and cuirassed bust of Commodus to right, with short, well trimmed beard. Rev. Τ.Λ.Ο.Κ.ΔΙΟΔΩΡΟC.ΑΝΕΘ ΑΔΡΙΑΝ ΠΡ ΟΛΥΜ Demeter standing left, wearing long robes, holding poppies in her right hand and a long torch in her left. AMNG 516. BMC 6. SNG France 1064. SNG von Aulock 1141 (same dies). An attractive, well centered coin with a dark patina. Nearly extremely fine.

From the M Collection, ex Triton IX, 10 January 2006, 1501.

The reverse inscription tells us that T. Lucilius Diodorus actually paid for the coinage, and donated it to the people of Hadrianoi. Such explicit mentions of a donative are fairly uncommon on Roman Provincial issues.

Estimate: 900 CHF