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Heritage World Coin Auctions > March 2012 Signature Sale 3003Auction date: 8 March 2012
Lot number: 20155

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Agrippa II (49/50 - 94/95 AD). Mint of Sepphoris. AE (24mm, 11.97 gm, 12h). ΕΠΙ ΟΥΕCΠΑCIAN[OΥ ΕΙΡΗΝ]ΟΠΟΛΙ ΝΕΡΩΝΙΑ CEPΠΦ (in the time of Vespasian, in Irenopolis-Neronias-Sepphoris); two cornucopias crossed, caduceus between them / LΔΙ ΝΕΡΩΝ ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟΥ ΚΑΙCAPO C (year 14 of Nero Claudius Caesar = 67/68 AD) within circle and wreath. Hendin 1276. TJC 127. AJC II 279,8. RPC 4849. Samuels 225 (this coin). A splendid example. Natural green patina. About Extremely Fine.A remarkable coin type struck at the beginning of the Jewish War (66/67-70/71 AD) proclaiming Sepphoris as an "Irenopolis" or city of peace, and also mentioning Vespasian some two years prior to his being named Emperor. This coin thus supports Josephus and Rabbinic writings which state that the Jews of Sepphoris did not support their fellow Jews during the Jewish War. It further supports Rabbinic stories that various Jews predicted Vespasian's future rise to emperor.

Estimate: 1600.00-2400.00 USD