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Gemini, LLC > Auction IXAuction date: 9 January 2012
Lot number: 454

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Julia Titi. Dupondius, 13.23g. (6h). Uncertain Thracian Mint, 79-81 AD. Obv: IVLIA IMP T AVG - F AVGVSTA Bust draped right, hair gathered in small chignon at top of back of head. Rx: CERES - AVGVST S - C Ceres standing left holding two wheat ears and torch. RIC 514 (R ), pl. 116 (this coin). RPC 509 (7 specimens). BM 255, pl. 53.6. Paris 265, pl. LXXXVI. Cohen 2 (12 Fr.). Rare. Green patination. Strong portrait of empress. Good VF.

Ex Harry N. Sneh Collection. Ex Triton X, 9-10 January 2007, lot 603.

Estimate: 1750 USD