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Gemini, LLC > Auction IXAuction date: 9 January 2012
Lot number: 82

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Thrace. Koson. c. 50 BC. Drachm, 4.33g. (11h). Obv: KOΣΩN in exergue, Consul stepping left preceded and followed by lictors holding fasces, monogram to left. Rx: Eagle with wings spread standing left on scepter with left leg, holding wreath with right leg. Triton XI, 2008, lot 83 (same dies). EF.

The recently discovered silver counterpart to the famous gold stater of Koson (RPC I 1701; Sear 1733). Both types are copied from Roman denarii (of Pomponius Rufus, RRC 398/1, and M. Iunius Brutus, RRC 433/1). The Brutus type with the consul and his lictors has attracted special interest, for when Brutus was preparing for battle against the army of Octavian and Marc Antony, he sought contact with Thracian nobles. Coson (or Cotison) is known from ancient sources as a belligerent king of the Getae who was defeated by a general of Augustus in 29 BC. Until now, none of his coins has been found in a mixed hoard together with Roman coins, and so it is not yet entirely clear whether his coins were struck in the time of Brutus or during the reign of Augustus. The types opied from Republican denarii seem to validate the earlier date, however.

Estimate: 1000 USD