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Classical Numismatic Group > Triton XVAuction date: 3 January 2012
Lot number: 1325

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KINGS of MAURETANIA. Bogud. 49-38 BC. AR Denarius (17mm, 2.96 g, 6h). Uncertain mint. Struck circa 47-46 BC. Head of Africa left, wearing elephant skin / REX BOC(VT), Griffin standing right; winged solar disk above, thunderbolt below. MAA 56; Mazard 103; Müller, Afrique 5; RPC 853; CRI 547 (all referencing the specimen in the BN). EF, toned. Extremely rare, one of three known (see Nomos FPL, Winter-Spring 2008, no. 68 for the second).

Ex G. Hirsch 263 (24 September 2009), lot 2520.

Bogud was the son of King Bocchus I of Mauretania. Upon the death of his father, Bogud became co-ruler along with his elder brother Bocchus II. Bogud received the royal territory west of the Mulucha River, and Bocchus the territory east of the river. Both kings were loyal partisans of Julius Caesar, who rewarded them for their support. After Caesar’s assassination, however, the brothers divided their support: Bogud declared his loyalty for Mark Antony, and Bocchus for Octavian. In 38 BC, Bocchus seized Bogud's territory while the latter was campaigning in Spain on Antony’s behalf. As a result, Bogud was forced to flee to Antony in the East, whereupon he disappears from the historical record.

Estimate: 7500 USD