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Classical Numismatic Group > Electronic Auction 257Auction date: 8 June 2011
Lot number: 240

Lot description:
Roman Provincial

ISLANDS off IONIA, Samos. Titus, with Domitian as Caesar. AD 79-81. Æ (24mm, 9.55 g, 6h). Laureate head of Titus right / Bare head of Domitian right. RPC II 1127 (citing 4, same dies as illustration). VF, green patina, metal flaws.

From the Sierra Collection.

From RPC II (p. 174): It is difficult to know if 1127 is a coin of the reign of Vespasian or of Titus. The titulature is the same as used on the reverse of of 1126 (of Vespasian), and it could represent an issue made in the reign of Vespasian for his sons. On the other hand, it might perhaps be expected to be a smaller denomination, if that were the case; it is in fact the same denomination as 1126, which slightly strengthens the possibility that it was made during the reign of Titus.”

Estimate: $150